Scrappers will no longer be paid in cash

Cash payments for scrap metal are, effectively, a thing of the past. New laws have come in which hopes to put an end to cable theft and the like, which will be music to the ears of the railway industry.

There's been a rise in people stripping the copper from churches and schools too, so these new laws will be a relief to many.

As well as records being kept of all people selling metal, and a cheque-only payment system coming in, there'll be stiffer penalties for those breaking the law regarding the 'recycling' of metal.

However, there are still ways around these new rules. If a scrapper is of no 'fixed address', they'll still be paid in cash, which means rag and bone men won't be too worried.

Of course, this has come with opposition. Dealers are concerned that this will harm business. As most small traders only deal in cash, there's a fear that this could discourage plumbers and fitters making some beer tokens from trading in small amounts of metal.

There's the added worry that this will only serve to create a black market.



  • Tim B.
    Just so we're clear....the people who generally get the blame for cable thefts are gypsies. And these are the very people who won't be even remotely affected by the new laws. So what's the fucking point?
  • Dan W.
    How does one prove that you're of 'No Fixed Address'. Can I rock up to the local scrappy with a car full of old wheels, claim I'm of no fixed address and take the cash?
  • amazon s.
    What a huge pile of fail. Well done condems!
  • samuri
    How much did it cost the Tax Payer to shit out this brain fuck
  • Mr M.
    The scrap yards around us already take van reg and address (although they don't ask for proof of this). What difference does it make if they pay cheque or cash, the ones who will accept stolen goods will keep on paying cash under the radar. This is coming from a plumber who makes about £1500 a year from his scrap, bollocks if I'll be having the cheque in my name.
  • Rob
    @miagi Do you declare that scrap as income on your tax return , or do you tax dodge like the majority of the trade seem to?
  • Tim B.
    I don't see the tax dodge. Weigh in old bits of metal, get cash, go pub, spend it. Have you seen the duty on beer lately?
  • LancerVancer
    Yeah this is gonna get the country out of the shit. Amazon and all the other tax dodging bastards must be quaking in their boots. As others have said what a waste of time and money. Chill with the weed.

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