Scottish Power and EDF announce £3bn in profits, which is irritating

Yesterday, we told you that EDF were boo-hooing at their loss-making, ostensibly asking us broke-ass swines to feel sorry for them. Today, along with Scottish Power, they've announced that they've made profit of nearly £3billion last year, while you and your family warm your  hands on a drawing of some fire.

Scottish Power saw profits rise by 12% to £1.2billion, which is a figure that doesn't really take in the money they'll make on the 7% bill hike that they announced in December.

Keith Anderson, chief corporate officer at Scottish Power, said: "We need to make money in order to invest for decades to come." That means they're trying to appease by saying 'don't worry! We're making some wind-farms! See? Isn't that better now?'

EDF, meanwhile, announced that profits in the UK jumped-up by 7.5% to somewhere just shy of £1.7billion last year.

Chief executive Vincent de Rivaz said: "Within the context of the huge investment we have made in our business, these ­earnings represent a fair return." Course they do mate. Well done. Big clap.


  • Mike O.
    Oh FFS. Its just beyond a joke.
  • klingelton
    competition in the energy market is working well. Nothing like a good cartel to make a mockery of government.
  • Fat H.
    Fucking cunts!
  • Fat H.
    Lets see Supasumo defend this.
  • Mr M.
    Estimated cost of a nuclear power station vary between 2.5 - 3 billion, why the hell are we needed to fund their 'investment' for new power stations. My rough maths say they can build a new one every year and still have a bit left over for their shareholders.
  • badger
    So if we're paying for the power stations, all they'll charge us for the power is a nominal running cost, calculated by an independent arbitrator? (No, I mean independent, not OfFob).

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