Schtop! M&S wants you to shwop instead of shop!

marks and spencerMarks & Spencer has launched a campaign to stop us all throwing our clothes in the bin. They are, of course, talking about women because men keep their clothes forever, until they look like a Burtons version of Huckleberry Finn.

M&S want customers to bring in unwanted garments whenever they buy a new one, to encourage something they're irritatingly calling "shwopping". Basically, it wants you to "buy one, give one" which means that old clothes will be resold, reused or recycled by its charity partner Oxfam. All those other, smaller charity shops can go whistle, obviously. Still, at least we can all dump our tatty old clothes on M&S now, and treat ourselves to a box of apple pies as celebration.

This scheme is part of the retailers Plan A programme and an expansion of a partnership with Oxfam which has seen more than 10 million items donated thus far. Donors handing old M&S clothing into Oxfam stores received a £5 M&S voucher. Did you know about this? You do now.

The new scheme won't be giving you any financial reward for dumping your old threads in the recycling bins by the tills in hundreds of M&S stores.

Of course, the smaller charity shops aren't best pleased. Cath Lee, chief executive of the Small Charities Coalition, said: "It's great to encourage recycling in this way, but it would be a great shame if an unintended consequence is that the shops of smaller, less well known charities receive fewer donations as a result. There is huge diversity amongst charities, and the smaller ones have an essential role to play in addressing local and specialist causes. They contribute an enormous amount to our communities. The smaller charities that have shops will be heavily reliant on the income from the donated goods sold, so it's important that people continue to give their unwanted clothes to their local shops in their high street."


  • Phuck Y.
    Yeah! To right! Phuck charity shops and the old biddies that work in them! Let's all go to M&S buy more clothes than we need and save a bit-o-cash! At least, it will keep Barlow in work.
  • Mike L.
    I think it is a great idea. I have so many old spare clothes from the women I have killed.
  • The P.
    Only you pointless Brits could shop somewhere as low rent as Marks and Spencer, my very cool customers and staff shop at boutiques because they're just so cool.
  • mancsrus
    I'm sure M&S will sell the donated designer gear first . Use that money to make a little bit of profit and self fund the scheme before giving the remaining dregs to the needy charities... or is that just the cynic in me?
  • Buffalo B.
    Thank you M&S! I love nothing more than dressing up in the clothes of the cankle adorned female while i tuck the little fella between my pins.
  • P C.
    How will they get the old stale piss out of the clothes once the coffin dodgers hand them in? Now if you don't mind, I'm going to schwop my missus up the old marks and sparks
  • Dogturd A.
    It's not just the stale piss you need to et rid of, it's the biscuit crumbs manifesting in there too. The clothes, not your missus' marks and sparks.
  • Darren
    so can you buy a M&S shirt from a charity shop for 50p and then give it to them for a £5 voucher?
  • Alexis
    It costs more than five quid in petrol and paring to get to a town centre M&S. Cheaper to just put your old old clothes in the fabric recycling bin at the tip.
  • Mike L.
    Does the same apply to my wifes soiled underwear?
  • The P.
    Stop trying to mock us "The Place". Your British humor is puerile and would be laughed at by our sofisticated patrons.
  • The P.
    We mean laughed at because it is not funny; not because it is funny.
  • Oliverreed
    I'd rather give condoms and sex ed for all these starving in hot countries, less mouths to feed - less of a problem.
  • che b.
    M&S Shwop, maybe they will accept people wanting to recycle their food. I am sure a bag full of shit can then be turned into eco friendly staff uniforms
  • The P.
    Irony is defined as not being able to spell sophisticated when referencing oneself.
  • The P.
    Spot on "The Place". Now you might want to go back through the original messages and notice it was there all along.
  • The P.
    I'll have the fish.
  • Ragged
    I don't care what they're selling. That Joanna Lumley is STILL fit!
  • Old B.
    You disgusting paleophile!
  • The P.
    Stupidity is defined as trying to defend your spelling when not realising that your spelling is incorrect.
  • The P.
    As we are quite posh we have a lovely big iMac. It has automatic spell check on Safari input. I am surprised you don't know that "The Place".

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