Scaramouche! Queen invent a vodka

queen vodka Spurious cash-in news now, and - Bismillah! - Queen have released a vodka! Who would've ever thought that Queen might shamelessly squeeze more money out of their brand? It's not like them is it?

The remaining members of the Body Language and Another One Bites The Dust (feat. Wyclef Jean) hitmakers, have unveiled a 40th anniversary Killer Queen vodka.

Apparently Freddie Mercury loved vodka, which is good news, but unlike the other members of Queen, is unavailable for comment about this new venture into alcohol.

It's released on the 40th anniversary of - their words - the multiplatinum single Killer Queen, which reached No.2 and was quite good.

And if you've been living in a cave with socks stuffed down your ears all your life, here's a reminder of what the song sounds like.

Anyway, RnR Brew has partnered with Bravado and the ‘Original’ Stoli spirits producer SPI / Latvijas Balzams in the EU, to produce Freddie Mercury’s favourite tipple a “Legendary vodka”

It's produced in batches from the highest quality GMO free unadulterated EU wheat.

The vodka is “well versed in etiquette” (A LINE FROM THE SONG! DO YOU SEE???), seven times distilled using an ancient original vodka filtration process of quartz sand and birch charcoal with cold filtration and a unique filtration process at the final stage.

Other current projects for the remaining members of the band involve trying to make some 30 year old demos they did with Michael Jackson listenable.

It's available here


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  • Mike H.
    Bit like all the other fucking Vodkas then?

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