Scam attempt fails but in the most polite way imaginable

These Nigerian 419 scammers are busy men – after all, their hit rate HAS to be unfeasibly low, so we suppose they can be excused from hanging around and dragging things out once they’ve been sussed by a potential victim.

That’s what happened in this delightful but brief online chat between scammer Robert Dutu and no-nonsense bullshit detector Mike Nash. Dutu tried to pull the scam, Nash rebuffed him, then they both went their separate ways and no one got hurt.

It’s so beautiful we could almost cry.



  • Coupey
    That's all very well, but who gets excited about CRM?
  • MikeBeaver
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha, now that is quite ammusing :p
  • P E.
    ah that did make me laugh lol
  • ladylovesit
    Oh I say, an internet scam! how strange!!
  • veedubjai
    Funny. Honesty at it's best. Made me laugh. If only Mike Nash had time to traceroute the scammer's location then send the details to the local authorities in that country & got caught in the act, now that would be hilarious. Where do these scammers have the time for this crap? What's wrong with a decent hard graft earning a living? Anyone who dumb enough to give out their bank details are simply too greedy for their own fault. No such thing as free money.
  • Lumoruk
    I laughed out loud seriously, good stuff! :)
  • james d.
    Traceroute the location eh, someone has been watching too much 24
  • Karl
    "Traceroute the location eh, someone has been watching too much 24" Was thinking the exact same thing myself ;)

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