Saving money means blood, sweat and tears, usually all three

We figured that the recession might have caused a enormous boon in cheaper alternatives, such as handmade products (and as Andy will happily tell you, he is on a singular mission to catalogue all instances of enormous boons). Our thinking hadn't quite developed far enough to consider to what extent hand crafted goods would replace commercial products. For example:

Bitterwallet - handmade menstrual pads
There are over 1,300 different styles of menstrual pads available to buy on We thought they were customised sleep masks, but seemingly there are plenty of ladies who, for environmental and health reasons, prefer to tackle their grumpy moments with a natural, fully washable alternative to a pack of 10 Bodyform ultra-towels. Although this sort of stuff was obviously very popular before commercialisation, we're not sure about some of the designs:

Bitterwallet - the handmade "love stinks" menstrual pad

[Etsy] via [Geekology]


  • Fanny a.
    That "love stinks" one should read "my fanny stinks". Jeez rag weeks always such a drag, thankfully I masturbate in secret :)
  • Fanny a.
    ^^^^ ooohh not so secret now ^^^^^^^^^ :oops:
  • The B.
    I can't help thinking there's a killing to be made, there are probably Japanese men out there who'd buy them.
  • pauski
    Real Bob - your not wrong, and don't forget the Germans they have some quaint ebay needs too.
  • Paul S.
    True (and slightly soiled) story - a (male) friend of mine used to wear lady's pants for several days in a row, then sell them on eBay for up to £30 a pair while posing as an 18 year-old female student at Durham university. He made quite a few bob before eBay barred the account.
  • pauski
    Paul - I think you had probably not shared that knowledge about your (male) friend. I can see the thread lengthening (pardon the pun)..
  • MrsCasanova
    wow, this is kinda disturbing, but kind of amusing too. Not sure what to did you get this info?
  • Brian
    Brian here. It's not clever or funny to make jokes involving menstruation.

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