Save the planet - drive a Porsche

The problem with ripping up the road in a Porsche is that it's unlikely to suggest you give a damn about Mother Nature. That's why the Germans are striving to strike the perfect balance between speeding like a maniac along the Autobahn, and caring about the environment. The result? The electric powered Porsche 911.

There are 96 lithium ion batteries under the hood, it does 0 - 60 in under 7 seconds, manages 160mph and travels 180 miles on a single charge of sparkle juice. Thanks to RUF Automobile, you can now look forward to getting behind the wheel of a penis extension that shows you care.



  • JayBird
    What are under seconds? Are they second hand pants?
  • Paul S.
    Like that, yes. Maybe I forgot to add a 7 in there. Damn my fingers.
  • Video: B.
    [...] to spend some hard earned £££ on your next set of wheels.  Unless, of course, it’s an Porsche that saves the planet, in which case, just buy one for me [...]

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