Satellite warranty sales force can't mend broken baths...

Possibly one of the luckiest funnymen alive today is Robert Popper. Along with the unnervingly tall Peter Serafinowicz, he came up with the small nuggets of TV genius that were Look Around You (although not the second series, some of that was a bit gash) and he also gets to be the script editor on the very brilliant ‘The Inbetweeners’

No surprise then that he can calmly and effortlessly run rings around a bemused satellite dish warranty telemarketer as he does here as his alter-ego Robin Cooper (and three of Robin's family members.) It’s deranged, quick-thinking brilliance from beginning to end.

[Robert Popper]


  • NobbyB
    Can't wait for the second installment, if he phones back.
  • Amanda H.
    Should have asked him to read a story at the end.
  • Steve
    Classic, you've got to hand it to the guy, he wanted that sale soooo bad!!
  • Boris J.
    The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper is the most inexplicably funny book I have ever read. It's amazing. Had no idea he did Look Around You too. Thanks for that, this is the best Friday morning I've had in years probably.

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