Samsung to offer smartwatch that can make calls

Samsung-Expands-Gear-Portfolio-with-Android-Wear2 Samsung have been piddling around with smartwatches for a while now, but no-one seems to be at all interested. That's not going to stop them though, as they've unveiled what they reckon is the first smartwatch capable of making and receiving calls without a mobile phone nearby.

Of course, wearable technology is the Next Big Thing, or so the tech companies hope. Apple are expected to launch their own watch later this year, while LG have announced their new G Watch R smartwatch, which has a circular plastic OLED screen, a stainless steel frame and leather strap.

Samsung's new effort is called Gear S and is different from those they've made before. For starters, the screen is bigger (5 cm) and it has a curved display and will give you WiFi connectivity, pedestrian navigation and a built-in GPS.

It sounds good, but like all smartwatches, it'll inevitably be prohibitively expensive, which means only super nerds with money burning a hole in their pocket are going to buy them. And if they're waiting to see what Apple are doing first, then there might be a few Gear S devices gathering dust in the back of gadget shops.

Samsung's watch will run on their nascent Tizen operating system.

It'll be on sale from October, which means they're eyeing up the luxury Christmas present market. However, they've not said where it'll be available and there's not even a ballpark figure of how much they'll retail for.

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