Sainsburys 'tu' join online rag trade

bw tu Sainsburys are to start selling their fashion line Tu online.

It's set to begin in August, when a selected band of customers 'from the Midlands' will be invited to trial Tu's clothing website, to see if it's all alright and that.

Maybe people from 'from the Midlands' are best for this sort of thing.

A gentleman entitled Robbie Feather, who is Sainser's online director, said:

"Our customers want to shop with us through a range of channels that allow them to shop whenever and wherever they want and they’ve been asking us to extend our online service to our clothing. The pilot will allow us to work with a group of customers to build the right customer experience."

This will bring Sainsburys in line with their main Supermarket frock rivals Asda (George) and Tesco (F&F), offering garments online.

Sainsbury’s began selling clothing in 1994 and last year more than 7.5m customers bought its Tu clothing, generating sales of approximately £750 million.

Seriously though. There's shops that aren't selling everything they've got, online.

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  • julie
    About time they did !!

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