Sainsbury's to work out the price match difference for you... at the till

How would you feel if, once you’d done your supermarket shop, you were told how much less you would have paid if you’d shopped at one of the supermarket’s rivals?

That’s what could happening at Sainsbury’s if a new trial proves successful. But there’s a catch – you’ll instantly get a voucher for the amount you’d have saved, for you to use against your next shop.

While the likes of Tesco and Asda have schemes that involve you going online and submitting info into your computer, Sainsbury’s are planning to do the maths for you at the checkout, and hand out a voucher there and then.

Sainsbury’s say…

There are just three simple steps: 1. The customer does the shopping; 2. Sainsbury's innovative system does the maths; 3. When the branded grocery basket is cheaper at Tesco or Asda, the customer immediately gets the price difference as a coupon against their next shop

Like this…


They’ve said that there are 12,000 branded goods that will be included in the price match offer, although the scheme is only being trialled in Northern Ireland at the moment. Also, customers will need to do a £20 minimum spend to qualify, and vouchers will only be eligible for 14 days.


  • BingoBango
    Sounds good - this is the way it should be done, I'm way too lazy to sit and type in all that guff from an ASDA receipt (assuming I can even find the bloody thing). Hopefully the other supermarkets will follow suit.
  • Phil76
    Here's an idea Sainsburys, if you know your prices are higher than your competitors, try reducing them, rather than have these hoops to jump through?
  • PaulS
    @BingoBango - I agree this is the way it should be done but I doubt Asda and Tesco will follow suit. They rely on the fact that the whole process is such a faff that the majority of people who have overpaid will not bother. I bet if you look at the figures only the savvy shoppers will be the ones who do bother.
  • PokeHerPete
    Do you like fishsticks?
  • Absinthian
    @BingoBango: Yeh, me too. I used the Tesco website thing a few times and got a few vouchers for 20p off or there abouts then decided it's not worth the time to do it. I think that's what they hope for - our nonchalance about the whole thing. Hopefully this method of sorting it at the till will make a difference
  • Dick
    The problem with these schemes is price matching offers. Supermarkets just massively increase their standard prices then do offers on what they want you to buy. If you don't conform, you get ripped off. When it comes to price matching, if they refuse to price match BOGOF or multibuy offers and the like (matching only the standard price), then there is fuck all point to it.
  • Alexis
    Sounds good, but the trial will end if it loses Sainsbury's money!
  • Bob
    Problem is Sainsburys are sooo expensive compared to ASDA and Tesco , even with the £8 of an £80 spend vouchers they keep sending to get me back they are still more expensive. Any their fruit and veg is Shite and doesn't last - grumble over
  • Mick T.
    Would we actually trust them to get it right. The AA do a similar thing with insurance products, they sent me home insurance quote of £268, on the letter it said the cheapest competitor was £242 so they have reduced my renewal to £242 so I don't need to shop around. Yeah alright, I'm taking that with a huge pinch of salt. Being a typical sceptical Englishman; after 5 minutes online I had re-insured with Esure for £206 and should be getting £45 cashback, same policy details (excess, sums insured etc...) as AA.
  • fra
    WOW!!! Something that is trialling in Northern Ireland rather than us having to sit here looking at all the mainland GB offers that get posted as super savings for UK consumers. Go Sainsburys!!!!! PS My sister works there and never told me about this!
  • tin
    What the fuck? If the till already knows the Asda or Tesco price, just charge the Asda or Tesco price there and then. Everyone will always come back to Sainsburys for ever and ever. Or they will if they put some fuckin people on the tills and stop trying to force customers to use a dumb arse shite computer connected to a giant scale to do their work for them.

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