Sainsbury's quintuple Nectar points - a lot of effort for an alarm clock

Photo by Frances Storr on Flickr. Some rights reserved. Supermarket loyalty cards are probably great if there's only one supermarket within five miles of your house, or if you're like Tom Hanks' character in The Terminal and forced to live beneath the fish counter until peace is declared in Krakozhia - otherwise they can lull you into remaining unnaturally loyal to one store. There have been many gimmicks over the years, but now Sainsbury's are trying the über-gimmck with quintuple points for your money. The catch? You have to spend money. Um. Ah.

If you want five times your points when you shop there, it's pretty simple. All you have to do is buy four financial products from Sainsbury's Finance. What could be simpler? Well, not this, for one thing. There are plenty of conditions attached to the offer; Sainsbury's will scrap your ability to earn bonus points if you want to claim on the home or pet insurance you took out to qualify for them (you'll still have to pay the premiums, of course) or if you stick £5,000 in a savings account and then want to withdraw any of it. In fact spending money on Sainsbury's Finance products and then daring to use them is generally frowned upon.

Don't like it? Your loss, fool. If you buy four financial products for four years (a cost of potentially several thousand pounds), and spent £50 every week at the same supermarket during that time (a total spend of £10,400) you could bag enough points for a £500 holiday voucher from Expedia. Everyone's a winner, if by everyone you mean Sainsbury's.


  • Gunn
    Complicated :/ why can't they just match Tesco and offer double.
  • MrRobin
    Spend the same at Tescos and get £800 off a Virgin holiday. No dodgy financial products necessary.
  • CompactDstrxion
    Or you could just shop as you normally do and use the loyalty points as a bonus...
  • goon
    well said compactshitson people who buy pointless shit for more points should die i goto sainsburys because i like it, it isn't full of scrotebags & the quality is good. i shop normally and the nectar points pay for my big christmas shop every year. bonus

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