Sainsbury’s cover up gay magazine but not FHM

People have varying opinions on modesty wraps for magazines that appear in supermarkets. Some people think we should protect children's eyes from mucky stuff, while others think everyone should shut up moaning about it. Of course, the majority barely give it a thought because they're too busy thinking about eating Jaffa Cakes whole and farting silently in the queue.

Well, here's a thing: Sainsbury’s have been chastised for putting a modesty blanket over a copy of Attitude magazine, while not bothering at all with a copy of FHM that was next to it.

Twitter user Jon Rowles spotted it and said: "Why I don’t shop @sainsburys anymore. Naked women OK but @AttitudeMag Pride Hero’s cover indecent."

You might be thinking that some gay lifestyle magazines do have pretty racy covers, and that it isn't wrong to cover that up, but they should've probably covered up the FHM as well. Okay. Now let us show you the cover of Attitude that was deemed 'immodest'.


The FHM cover featured some on in a state of 'undress', while Attitude has... well... some people sat around in their clothes.

Sainsbury’s, when asked for a comment, said: "We have previously contacted the distributor of Attitude magazine with a view to remove the modesty cover on this title. The distributor agreed that whilst the cover of this magazine is now generally suitable for display, there could be future issues where it may not be. This is something we regularly review along with taking guidance from the Professional Publishers Association."

Maybe one of these 'regular reviews' could utilise 'someone with functioning eyeballs' next time, eh?

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