Sainsbury's beat Tesco to the BOGOF...L crown

Sainsburys+Store_200-1 A month ago, Tesco announced they’d be cutting down on the world’s waste by implementing a ‘buy one get one free… later’ scheme, allowing punters to pick up a voucher and claim the free half of the BOGOF at their leisure.

Some have hailed it as a good idea while others say that if they had any balls about them, they’d just knock 50% off the price and let people buy what they want when they want. We’re all right but in a strange way, wrong.

But Tesco have been caught photocopying their arses when they should have been running off thousands of BOGOF…L vouchers and Sainsbury’s have nipped in there and done it first.

Screen shot 2009-11-18 at 15.15.29The trial scheme is underway now and covers just two items – the Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies carry pack and Sainsbury’s own white crusty baguettes. If they buy just one of these items, John/Jane Q Customer will receive a voucher entitling him/her to pick up the free one at any time over the following two weeks.

Former Neighbours actress Anne Haddy (right), who played Helen Daniels in the popular Aussie soap said: ‘This promotion will allow customers to buy freshly baked bread in-store as and when they need it.”

Actually, it was Gwyn Burr, Customer Director at Sainsburys who said that but we wanted to jazz it up a little bit. Anne Haddy died in 1999. Shame.

(Thanks to HUKD member nicster08 for the tip-off)


  • Lumoruk
    Doesn't quite work with 1kg tubs of butter or a 24 pack of loo rolls unless you've got a fat ass and like the cheap lube
  • Amanda H.
    Like yo mama?
    Yeah Lumoruk's mum is so damn fat! inb4 'My mums dead'
  • buyerbeware
    We need to know what percentage of consumers will not use the voucher. We also need to know the effect having the voucher will have on where and when consumers shop. Both supermarkets will have all these stats as projections. This change is not to save consumers money. It is to make supermarkets richer.
  • callum
    Well duh! Since when does any business have the aim of saving customers money over profits!
  • Sam
    Oh yes, because so many nappies are wasted a year to them going past their sell by date.

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