Safety training film or terrifying gore-fest?

Here at Bitterwallet, we’re mostly about the customer service but we care about the workers as well, especially when it comes to safety in the workplace. No one wants to see a careless employee losing an arm in a lathe, or getting the side of their face caved in by a stray flying gas canister.

If you do want to see that sort of thing, then this is the video for you. Called ‘Will You Be Here Tomorrow?’ it’s the most horrifically graphic workplace safety video we’ve ever seen and we hope that whoever directed it went on to achieve his dream as a director of horror B-movies.

A forum member at BuzzFeed also suggests you also check out this German safety film for similar thrills and giggles and they've got a good point. If nothing else, it makes us glad we’re not out there in the tough world of heavy industry and have instead forged a career namby-pambying about on the internet and sneering at things. Round here, the only danger is the possibility of picking up a hernia from all the ROFLing and PMSLing. Mostly at videos like this.




  • bob
    scary movie?
  • Matt
    Slow-mo electric shock guy looks like he's banging the fuse board, lol.
  • katsumitsu
    If only we had this safety vid on the tfl. Beautiful
  • Ten B.
    [...] The blood-spattered safety training film that might have been directed by Sam Raimi… [...]
  • Gus
    instead of making workers do their jobs in a safer way this video made them quit atfter watching it. ( I would!)
  • Benjiman
    This is good, but Forklift Truck Driver Klaus is far superior to this..
  • Probably B.
    [...] Safety training film or terrifying gore-fest? [...]
  • Bill
    What a shame, the video is no longer available...
  • Andy D.
    @Bill - it's back again!
  • chris
    Was that guy using an acetylene torch on an oil drum? Or something to that extent?

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