Russell Brand on... confused adverts for the HP TouchPad

Please, somebody make it stop. All of the tablet adverts, make them stop. The ludicrous Android commercials. The BackBerry PlayBook ads that spend their time having a pop at Apple instead of selling the bloody product. And now this.

"Russell Brand on Push Notifications." Jesus wept. I'm too busy wanting the chin to random hirsute twat to pay any attention to what he's trying to sell me. Worse, all the ads have been edited by somebody with ADD; Brand is clearly still telling the punchline to his piss-poor routine when it all fades to black. I'm scared and confused by the world I see here.


  • Alexis
    What the hell has happened to his hands on the swipey bits?
  • The B.
    Russell Who? Thank Christ he went to the US so we don't have to deal with the over exposed insipid twat, although is last 2 films have tanked so hopefully that's the end of his career.
  • StauntonLick
    Have to hand it to Blackberry, they probably looked long and hard to find the least funny man in the entire universe and got him to do their ads. Hats off.
  • Tom
    "I’m too busy wanting the chin to random hirsute twat"
  • Scott
    Russell Blaaaaaand, i hate this "planet of the apes" reject with a passion. He's the kind of guy you might have house shared with a some point in your early life. You know, the one who was so laid back it was annoying, no sense of humor(actually that is brand) chucks his cut toenails behind the sofa, never washes up after him self and listens to fooking weird new age shite music. I lived with one and he was called Justin, a kiwi. So Justin, if you're reading this and Remember 76 rose street, york? you're a tree hugging monkey chucker. with Love granny
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