Rudest newspaper headline of the year?

Filth. Complete and utter filth.




  • zacspeed
    What??? All over her TITS?
  • deep
    It's photoshopped, look at the colour of the page between 'for' and 'fap'
  • Joe
    And the fact that the font is totally different from all the other headlines. And that "MILF" doesn't have any acceptable, non "mother i'd like to fuck" uses to humorously confuse it with. Nice try though.
  • Dick
    Isn't it genuine ....? Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Forces Armées Populaires.
  • Canook
    I couldn't confirm this particular headline, but the newspaper in question has enough other questionable headlines to make it believable. My current favorite is:
  • filthy b.
    from the link by Canook "said that they have lodged a protest against the MILF for its refusal to surrender As nawi", - hahahahahahah
  • Dick
    That isn't the newspaper in question. The one in the photo ends in "Mail", and says it is North Carolina's Largest Filipino American newspaper in circulation. So it isn't the Manila Times.

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