Rude word booze acceptable in Germany

ficken Cover the eyes of the younglings, cos this one’s a bit ‘post-watershed’. A German booze company has won the right to register the word ‘ficken’ – as a trademark for their Ficken Likör brand of schnapps.

If you’re a German-speaker you’ll already be horrified by what you’ve read. That’s because ficken is the German word for ‘fucking’. EFAG Trade Mark Company, who have registered the vile, dirty word were stopped in their tracks by the killjoys at the German Patent and Trademark office, who said that it was “socially offensive”. Ouch.

However, once EFAG took their argument to the Federal Patent Court, they found a much groovier set of officials, who found “nothing ‘sexually discriminatory’ or offensive to public morals about the name at all”.

Classily, Ficken will be marketing their toxic booze by dishing out condoms and underwear. PARTYSCHNAPPS!

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