Royal Mail worried about the competition? 'Tough' say Ofcom

Royal Mail The Royal Mail have been saying that they don't think they can fulfil universal delivery, thanks in part, to the competition undercutting them.

They're so worried that they have been complaining to Ofcom (who regulate the postal services of Britain), saying that companies like Whistl (who are TNT under a new name) have muscled in on big cities, losing them money.

It seems Ofcom isn't at all bothered and said 'hard cheese' while saying that they're not going to bother reviewing the rules for end-to-end delivery competition in Britain.

This is a big blow to Royal Mail, but quite funny to those who snaffled the shares up on the cheap when it got privatised by the Government who had undervalued it, so their mates could buy it up.

Ofcom said that they believe in the Royal Mail's ability to meet its universal service obligation (USO) and that it shouldn't be impeded by competition.

However, the regulator will be looking at a broader review of the postal services and will be looking at the company's ability to deliver the USO, and the efficiency and their parcel delivery performance. For now, the Royal Mail is just going to have to suck it up.

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