Royal Mail want to trial leaving big letters with your weird neighbours

postmanpat_pat_post_cbeeb_48565780ce1fe You know that bloke who lives next door to you and who only comes out at dusk and carries a toy dog around in a shopping bag? Well he could soon be sniffing your packages if a new plan by the Royal Mail comes to fruition.

They want the rules to be bent so that postmen and postladies can leave items that are too large for a letterbox with neighbours, rather than haul them all the way back to the sorting office leaving you, the poor recipient to arrange a re-delivery.

Royal Mail want to pilot the scheme (which won’t include special delivery items) and say that it is in response to customer demand. Any decision to allow the pilot scheme will be made by postal service regular Postcomm, which has now launched a public consultation. It is seeking responses by 9 September.

What do you all think of that then? Happy for Blokey McBagDog Neighbour to sniff your letters while you’re at work?


  • Askgar
    I didn't know this wasn't allowed anyway? I've had posties doing this for 10+ years already! I'd rather that than what our last postie had a habit of doing... sticking it in the recycling box on recycling day.
  • Richard
    Yes, my postman asked if I'd take in a parcel for a neighbour this morning. However they don't actively seek out neighbours willing to do this, unlike, say HDN.
  • lee
    Generally most packages used to be left in are neighbour which was a car parts shop (small shop) as there was someone always in and we knew the people who worked there, after they closed recently then well we dont tend to have anything left it just goes back. However with royal mail, our postman knows our family after working on this route for awhile, even gives us my sisters parcels as he knows she lives just behind us (thats if shes not in) and if we arent in for a delivery he will go round the back and check we not outside and then put through the cat flap if possible.. he makes such an effort for a post man haha. So yes this should be allowed.
  • John
    I have the misfortune to live next to a bunch of freaks and have as little contact with them as possible. The prospect of collecting my post from them isn't something I'd look forward to.
  • Jo
    I live out in the country, WAY out in the south east. Our postman knows us quite well and sometimes leaves parcels which require a signature in the postbox, as we have advised we are happy for him to do so. However, we have never really got on with some of our neighbors. Many people around our area tend to be old, tired and miserable. One of our neighbours even started a petition against the planning permission my parents applied for out of jealousy and ruined thousands of pounds of planning for us :( So no, I would not be happy for them to leave parcels with this neighbor. Additionally, surely a neighbor would not be allowed to sign for a parcel on your behalf without prior consent from you?
  • Tom
    It depends upon your neighbours! In most places, the postman gets to know who is OK with it and who isn't! As a nationwide policy, I think that it should be an 'opt-in' service, although this may get complicated when people move...
  • screw t.
    i wouldn't want my neighbours to get my packages and i certainly wouldn't want to be disturbed by the postie to take in items for my neighbours and then get disturbed by the neighbours when they want the packages. even if i don't bother answering the door or refuse to take items i'm still getting bothered by the postie for other peoples mail folk should make their own arrangements if they want to get stuff delivered. that's what i do
  • Tim
    This suggests the postie is actually carrying the parcel with them to your doorstep. The number of times I've had a knock whilst in, card left and 2 seconds later they've cleared off out of sight. I've been certain the parcel has been safe and secure in the depot all along. I'd rather they took it to the local post office as I have one of those rare ones out of the town just a few hundred metres from my house! Or we get competition in and the supermarkets can deliver our post in the evenings when the majority of people are actually in, along with our food. Local depot is useless. We're not in during the day because we work, so why take it to the depot that's only open during office hours? !
  • kv
    I detect some people here being very protective of their mail-order porn.
  • Steve P.
    Already do this for the students who live either side of me. Bstards are always away at lectures they say :-)
  • BasilFawlty
    That would be great. Maybe they could supply a small card to put on the door "Don't leave my post with the arsehole at No 13" :)
  • Grumpy
    Needless to say I have sent Postcomm an angry letter informing them that they are a useless bunch of cretins, because I am a very sad little man.
  • klingelton
    Our neighbours take the post for the entire street, and possibly 2 streets over as well! Royal Fail might as well move the sorting office to thier front room. I don't mind, because our neighbours are top. got to be one of the few lucky people in this country to have good neighbours either side.
  • SgtMunky
    My postwoman puts my parcel in the cat flap from my back garden if there is no answer, and the next day I will leave her a gift for doing so... beats trekking all the way to the local post office for a half hour wait to collect my parcel anyway! And shes fit...very fit...
  • A N.
    Hi to John and Jo, Did you ever wonder where your 'special' deliveries dissapeared to ? MMM, so soft and gently perfumed. Thanks from next door.
  • Dick
    We leave an upstairs window open, with a note on the door telling the postman to chuck any parcels up through the window.
  • James
    I'd prefer this to what happened to me last week, they attempted delivery of a package but i was at work but ofcourse i didn't find this out because they didn't even leave me a red slip!! luckily this was a package i was expecting so i rang them to find out what was happening....otherwise it would've just gone back to the sender! so yes if i could nominate a specific neighbour then i would be in favour of this.
  • Top T.
    Relive your childhood days of knockdown ginger by simply joining the Royal Mail, that way you can be paid for ringing a doorbell and then running away.
  • fishus101
    Here's an idea. Why not take the parcels/big letters back to the sorting office as they currently do, but instead of only opening at times when everybody is at work (which is why they weren't in to collect the mail in the first place), open for an hour in the evening, say 6pm till 7pm so people can finish work, then collect their mail. Safe, Secure and dare I say it, Sensible?
  • stu
    Not sure about the rest of the country but our depot is open from 7am in the morning (not normal office working times) and till 8pm on a wednesday.

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