Royal Mail to deliver on Sundays

royal20mail20logo20copy The Royal Mail is trialling a Sunday service.

In response to address the growing demand for goods ordered online (like, Dude, that's been happening a WHILE now) and increasing competition from other delivery solutions operators.

Later this Summer, it plans to open 100 or so offices on Sunday afternoons for people to collect parcels and what not.

The delivery offices with the highest parcel volumes will be taking part initially, and then either they'll get bored and stop it or spread it out to the rest of the country.

Royal Mail’s chief executive Moya Greene said:

“Through these new Sunday services we are exploring ways to improve our flexibility and provide more options for people to receive items they have ordered online. The support of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has enabled us to respond quickly to a changing market.”

To which CWU deputy general secretary Dave Ward has said:

“Royal Mail’s announcement about expanding delivery and collection services to seven days a week is an exciting innovation which we welcome.”

Parcelforce Worldwide is also going to offer a Sunday service to retailers from June. This is going to be up to the retailer to decide whether to offer it to customers.

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