Royal Mail start Sunday servicing

Royal Mail The Royal Mail launched their Sunday opening yesterday (which was a Sunday), thereby joining the modern world, which must be making them nauseous with excitement.

They've not gone completely wild and reckless though as this is only a pilot scheme which saw 100 or so of its delivery offices across the UK opening on the Sabbath.

It is said that the move was to take advantage of the increase in online shopping. 'Taking advantage' in this case, means 'not being left behind by everyone else who already works on a Sunday'.

Plus, it's all going to get a bit Christmas soon and having the opportunity of the limited collection period doubled is handy for 'hard working families' and all that.

Royal Mail will also begin a trial of Sunday deliveries to addresses within the M25 motorway tomorrow. How very Orbital of them.

Just so you can update your records, the Royal Mail delivery offices which will be taking part will be open between 12pm and 4pm. Plenty of time to rock up with a red slip while you suffer a brutal hangover.

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  • Rob
    Likely they'll fail spectacularly... A bit like my local post office thats mena tto be open sundays 5am to 7.30pm who were closed at 5.30 last night when I planned to test the service for the first time... useless

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