Royal Mail "rigged quality tests"


We all know that Bitterwallet readers think the Royal Mail suck a big dog’s one but it has been revealed that from an official point of view, they’re even worse than we’ve all been led to believe.

Postcomm, who oversee the Royal Mail, have discovered that quality tests on the service had been rigged, with posties learning in advance when and where they were going to be tested.

An anonymous tip-off to Postcomm stated that the names and addresses that would be receiving test mail was circulated, meaning that extra care could be taken over those specific items of mail, leading to increased quality rating.

The abuse is said to have being occurring for several years and involved countless staff across the country from delivery workers to senior managers.

Postcomm are investigating and could take action against Royal Mail later in the year.


  • Barry W.
    That's like all audits in any industry my friend... Otherwise it would be like turkeys voting for Christmas
  • LENNY G.
    I think you might find that happens in other industries. Don't worry you will all get what you wish for and Royal Mail is privatised and the universal service obligation disappears and the price to post a letter rockets
  • alexandrov
    Dont know why everyone hates the RM. Personally I love the service always get mail just fine and under 50p to send a letter anywhere in the UK? Bargain
  • rosiegirl
    Well I do that testing for RM & ridiculously they send me Pigeon Fancier Weekly & I'm a 25 year old female! No wonder the posties can guess the test items.
  • JGN
    No suprise with these scummy, theiving, bastards. Too stupid to understand 'do not bend' or 'fragile', and never bother to knock or wait -so it's no wonder they have to rig their own tests to look remotely competant. Glad they finally got the kick in the nads from amazon who switched to home delivery network for medium parcels. Say bye bye £15m contract, Pat!
  • The B.
    My posty's great, nice bloke, intelligent enough to leave larger items under cover, always so hello, shame about the other scumbags that couldn't give a crap, the unions who are determined to destroy it and the management who couldn't run a piss up in a brewery. That said, other than recieving post I use the service maybe 10 times a year.
  • Warwick H. Nuff Said.
  • james
    I have to agree with the lovers - the Royal Mail isn't perfect, but have you ever tried using the alternatives? Much worse! Especially when (for example) ticket comapnies use those 3rd party mail services - always an absolute nightmare! What the RM needs is a massive refurbishment to cope with 21st Century mail, not being constantly downtrodden/contracts taken away from them. Privitisation doesn't work, train services anyone?
  • Nobby
    How did they circulate the test names and addresses? Was it by email, or by regular mail.
  • Jack T.
    lol @ nobby

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