Royal Mail put stamps up 1p

Royal Mail Royal Mail are putting the prices of stamps up. For those who can't be bothered to read the reasons why this is happening, here are the price changes:

First class stamps will go up by 1p to 64p. Second class stamps will go up by 1p, to 55p. This will be happening on March 29th.

For those who want some answers, Royal Mail said that they'd "carefully considered" the impact of these rises, saying that they went for the "smallest possible increase." They added: "We believe these changes are necessary to help ensure the sustainability of the Universal Postal Service."

Now, the good news is that these rises still put the price of a first class UK stamp below the European average, which is 78p. Same goes for the second class stamps, which are below the 64p average. However, there's no hiding from the fact that, in the last 20 years, the price of stamps has doubled, which will annoy some, and remind others that inflation exists.

Either way, this comes shortly after the government sold off the last of its 13% stake in the Royal Mail, which raised £591m in October 2015. The whole privatisation process has got a few people angry and irritated, but here we are. Whether it was sold off too cheaply or not, in 2016, we've got a Royal Mail sticking a penny on our stamps.

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