Royal Mail launch Prime Minister stamps

A new set of stamps depicting British Prime Ministers of the last 200 years has been unveiled.

The set includes some great leaders such as William Pitt the Younger, Winston Churchill and Clement Atlee as well as Margaret Thatcher. Haven't the British public licked their arses enough? Eh? EH?!

prime minister stamps

Royal Mail spokesman Andrew Hammond said: "As the UK is the one of the oldest parliamentary democracies in the world, it is fitting that we mark eight individuals who have held the role over the centuries."

The full set comprises of William Pitt the Younger (1783–1801), Charles Grey (1830–1834), Robert Peel (1841–1846), William Ewart Gladstone (1868–1874), Clement Attlee (1945–1951), Winston Churchill (1951–1955), Harold Wilson (1974–1976) and Margaret Thatcher (1979–1990).

At least they didn't chose Tony Blair.

The stamps are available from 14 October from the Royal Mail website and from Post Offices around the UK.


  • LD
    Just like the rest of the Royal Mail MONTHLY new issues - ZZZ-ZZ-zzz. Would hate to be a philatelist.
  • tiderium
    does the thatcher stamp have a spit here instruction on the back?
  • Micky
    That's quiet expensive for toilet paper.
  • Alyson C.
    Terrible that Margaret Thatcher is on one of them, for the poverty, and destruction she caused to the mining community and steel industry, the royal mail should be ashamed of itself. Do you really think the british public want to see her on a stamp, deluded bunch of arrogant cretins.
  • Fat H.
    Unlike the rest of the Tory party, I will not be licking Thatcher's backside!

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