Royal Mail guarantees they'll fail to deliver

11 October 2010

The last time I paid for Royal Mail's next-day special delivery, my mum's birthday present turned up the day after her birthday, and some four days after the date it was meant to. But as avid Bitterwallet reader Richard points out, perhaps I should have read Royal Mail's small print more closely, because their promises are apparently subject to their own laws of space-time:

Bitterwallet - Royal Mail FAIL


  • Nobby
    To me this looks like bad scripting by Fancy Dress Warehouse, not the Royal Mail.
  • Spuckle
    Just got a eBay item yesterday (10 Oct ), the rm stamp on it says "post by 14 Sept"...
  • Nobby
    @Spuckle - are RM delivering on a sunday in your area?
  • Jonny S.
    Welcome to another huge organisation that are fucking useless! Like BT...
  • Mr S.
    And this is news how?
  • maxtweenie
    I'd like to say what feel about them, having today been given redundancy after 32 years. I think I'll wait until I get the money first though.
  • LB33
    @Spuckle/Nobby - The quoted text is from a Smartstamp item, whereby the customer prints their own postage and then has to post the item by a certain date for it to be valid. @BW - How is this newsworthy? It's poor site scripting from a retailer, nothing to do with Royal Mail. Grow up.
  • Spuckle
    @Nobby Oh yeah, Sat was the 9th, my bad. @LB33 should've said I got proof of postage from the eBayer in question for the 14th, when they sent me another item.
  • Nobby
    @Duh. It looks like it was after 5pm but before 11pm on friday 8th. The order could be ready for collection on saturday 9th, as they met the 11pm cut-off. But this would mean that they wouldn't post the item until monday 11th (as they missed their 5pm cut-off on friday), making 12th the next working day. Still feck all to do with the RM though.
  • Rich
    @duh I took the screen grab it was taken on the must be hard to be as stupid as you. @Mr Shrubber If you want news fuck off to the bbc, twat.

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