Royal Mail fail

Has your recently privatised postie been looking depressed and demoralised lately? Well, Ofcom have told the Royal Mail to pull its socks up after it failed to reach delivery targets - and there could be fines if they don’t improve.

royal mail

One key target states that 93% of all first class letters should be delivered the next day, but they only managed to reach 91.7%. And regardless of whether you’re in an office in London or a croft in John O’Groats, there’s a target of 91.5% for next day first class delivery across all UK postcodes. But Royal Mail only managed to reach that target in 62% of UK postcodes areas last year.

However, things aren’t THAT bad. They did manage to deliver 98.5% of second class post within three days! And sometimes they delivered parcels on time, sometimes they didn’t - what do you want? BLOOD?

Ofcom is coming down tough on the Royal Mail, and said:

‘Ofcom is concerned about Royal Mail's failure to meet certain service targets, and has made clear to the company that it must take all necessary steps to meet these in future.'



  • Inspector G.
    Am I the only one that thinks its incredible that Royal Mail can deliver a letter the next day - for only 60p? Even if its Northern Ireland. The fact that the success rate is nearly 100% has reblown my mind.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Am I the only one cynical enough to think this report was "sat on" until AFTER the privatisation??
  • Cynical S.
    Am i the only one who thinks this will herald the beginning of one of many price increases now that it`s in the private sector?
  • Han S.
    Am I the only one who thinks prices will come down and efficiency will improve like it has in every other privatised industry? Oh wait...
  • badger
    Am I the only one who be happy to pay double - or MORE - for such fantastic service, when many postpersons in London can't even speak or read English?
  • klingelton
    Personally, I'm expecting years of "above inflation price rises" in order to fund investment into royal mail infrastructure. All that actually happens with the money is the feathering of the beds of the shareholders, while the rest of the business is goes to ruin as the assets are slowly debased through lack of investment. It will get to such a point where the royal mail will need to be split up into regional divisions where a completely separate private company will be able to bid for the business. This will lead to infighting and bickering about who has to do what, where the government step in to "subsidise" the failing businesses because private enterprise cannot make a profit on former state run schemes. The only person to lose out in all this is the customer. All this is coming to an NHS hospital near you soon.
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    Am I the only one who thinks this dickhead above ruined the theme!!!
  • jokester2
    ^ thats only because Royal Mail have historically been a monopoly. Nobody was ever allowed to compete with them. Now its too late for anyone to even try competing.
  • Fat H.
    Am I the only one who has access to a franking machine and hence all post is freepost? Time to send out the Christmas cards next week, 1st class of course.
  • shiftynifty
    Am I the only one who thinks postman plod is a miserable sod...
  • a h.
    Amazon seem to use DPD for ' guaranteed' next day delivery. Unfortunatly ive used this twice and both times had apologies, no next day delivery thogh..... Had no problems with royal mail or the post office, lets see if that changes with privatization
  • Doff G.
    Am I the only who's masturbating furiously pretending that Lucy Sweet is a real, attractive female rather than a thinly veiled pseudonym for Andy "spaccer" Dawson?
  • So r.
    Am I the only one?
  • noshit
    I can't wait for 50% of the NHS to be privatized. The 50% that serves gender reassignment, alcohol and food bingers and ppl who can't be arsed to look their own parents
  • gary h.
    Am i the one and only........?
  • noshit
    There's no one I'd rather be.

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