Roll up roll up for the Tour de Trump...

donald-trump-bad-hair-day Business genius and billionaire Donald Trump is very fond of his surname – after all, it’s his brand. Never mind that over here in the UK, it is another word for an anal gas emission – that’s not important. What IS important is that Donald has registered SCORES of trademarks that include his name – over 200 in fact.

Of course, the vast majority of them will never see the light of day, but it’s marvellous to know that they exist and that he’s spent the time and energy coming up with them. Here’s some of the best, courtesy of the US Patent and Trademark Office and Mother Jones…

The Donald

Trump Style

Trump Class

Trump Touch

Donald J. Trump, the Fragrance


Purely Trump

Trump Steaks

Oysters Trump

Trump's Golden Lager

Trump's American Pale Ale

Trump Vodka

Trump Ice


Trump Card

Trump Furntiture

Trump Home

Trump Office

Trump World

Trump Money

Trump Mortgage

The Donald J. Trump Credit Card

The Donald J. Trump Signature Collection

The Trump Art Collection

Trump Concierge Service

Trump D'Elegance

Trump Attaché

Trump Versailles

Trump Royale

Tour de Trump

Trump Super Speedway

Trump's World's Fair

The Trump World Open

Trump University

Trump Institute

Trump Airlines

Trump Air

Trump the Game


Trump Tycoon

Trump Fire

Trump Power

Trump Icon

The Trump Follies


  • Donald T.
    That's right Andy. Trumpton and Top Trumps were already taken, cunts. Also, a 'Trump' (Which I will also register, thankyou) can also describe the vaginal expulsion of gas, otherwise known as a 'Queef' (Also registered to me) over here in the USA.
  • LD
    Trump Class? Eh?
  • Dick
    How can he register Trump Card? That has been used for many years as one that beats all others.
  • Dick
    Trumptini - is that another name for his manhood?
  • The B.
    What a load of Trump Dump™
  • Phil76
    Trump Furntiture ?
  • Idi A.
    He should have registered 'Ivana Trump', then his ex would have to sue him or change her name to Trumpy Pumpy.
  • Mike H.
    Donald J. Trump, the Aftershave. Ahhhh the sweet smell of Trump.
  • zeddy
    Hah, I've registered Trump Etass so he'll need to pay me lots for that!
  • samuri
    was his wife constipated?
  • qwertyuiop
    "The Donald J Trump collection of Ill-fitting hairpieces" Has a nice ring to it. Maybe Wayne Rooney can get in on the action too?

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