Rogue Trader biker pleads guilty to benefit fraud - you couldn't make it up

(c) BBC Rogue Traders. Who probably don't want it anymore.

We like it when cheats and scoundrels get found out. We like it even better when those who really ought to know better get caught with their pants down. This time it’s no politician’s peccadillo, however, but an upholder of what is right and proper being found with his hands in the till.

BBC Rogue Traders presenter Dan Penteado (the Portuguese one who clutches Matt Allwright on the motorbike) has today pleaded guilty to council tax and housing benefit fraud to the tune of more than £24,000.

The 40 year old fraudster, who co-hosts (presumably that should now be  past tense?) the programme that chases cheats and dodgy dealers, admitted eight offences of dishonestly or knowingly claiming the benefits while not declaring he earned thousands from the BBC for the show.

The offences went back to 2007 when Penteado filled out his first claim form for the benefits and failed to declare his ‘other’ bank account. He then repeated the fraud from 2008 to 2011, during which time he was paid more than £56,000 by Rogue Traders. Bournemouth Borough Council were not informed of this small detail, which would have left his grubby little mitts without that extra benefit cash he so clearly needed.

“[Penteado] received £24,077.60 in housing and council tax benefit he was not entitled to," said Kerry O'Neill, prosecuting. "He failed to notify the borough council of the money coming in." But it’s OK, because he has already paid back some of the money, all of which Bournemouth Borough Council are demanding. He has paid back £210 whole pounds of stolen taxpayers money.

Funnily enough, the cheeky chappie had nothing to say for himself. Even funnier is that no-one from the Council ever put two and two together to wonder whether the Dan Penteado grinning television presenter, who lives in Bournemouth was the same Dan Penteado claiming thousands of pounds of benefits from Bournemouth council every year. Dan Penteado must be a very popular name on the South coast.

Penteado was granted bail until July 17 at Bournemouth Magistrates' Court, where he was warned could face jail.


  • bob
    Hangings too good for em! (as the old folk say)
  • zax
    Rogue alright!
  • captain c.
    I was threatened with jail after an overlap between housing benefit and starting University meant I got paid 2 WEEKS worth of money I was not entitled to; so a minimum 500 years in Jail, with weekly floggings and 8 million hours of community service should be in order. OH!! I forgot, he is a celeb, so he will get off with a smack on the wrist, as long as he repays the money over the next 100 years - from his unemployment benefit (cos the Beeb are going to sack him).
  • bob
    "(the Portuguese one who clutches Matt Allwright on the motorbike)" I thought this guy rode the motorbike and Matt was the passenger? Which is the whole point of him being there. In which case Matt Allwright clutches him, not the other way around.
  • Mr R.
    Will Anne Robinson still be unbearably smug? It's a yes from me.
  • Filter P.
    And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.
  • me
    Working at BBC is a form of benefit cheating anyway...
  • frankie(cool ).
    i'm going to qoute a line that once said by brian blessed in the movie flash gordon that the hunter becomes the hunted and thats what happend to matt allwrights sidekick when he got caught of cheating the goverment in revenue taxes these celebs thinking that they are above the law like getting away with dodging taxes when they are not even they are not amune to the law and gentry if they get caught on fraudulant deception they must pay the price for thier crimes just like you and me (metaphoricaly speaking) these celebs has more mony than sense it do not matter of who you are that no body is above the law including politicians. frankie (cool rider) smales frankie smales tv and movie review uk
  • Exit, b.
    I'd shag him. No problem.
  • captain c.
    @ frankie Last time I checked, neither Apple or Microsoft had managed to get a patent on capital letters, sentences, commas, OR the full stop (mercifully, you did at least manage to include ONE of those, or we might have been here all night).
  • Dogturd A.
    As greasy as Ronaldo. The cunt.
  • Sicknote
    In a similar way that the BBC handled the unwed Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis getting knocked up. I want the Director General to be sat in a comfy leather chair looking all apologetic and spouting some rhetoric about not fiddling your council tax and benefits...... ........"now then boys and girls, let us put this sordid business behind us and get on with chasing fly tippers and driveway fucking pikey scumbags and then posting photos of them about the studio."
  • Marty p.
    @captin cretin ! Wow you really are the word police ! Your life must be so boring, but I admit very amusing all the same.
  • LoveIt
    @Marty p. The difference is that captain cretin has a point. And he has the time to make it. See what you have in common there? (look really hard)
  • qwertyuiop
    And this, ladies and gentlemen is why we need tighter rules on immigration!
  • qwertyuiop
    Reminds me a little about a story I read on one occasion where a job centre worker of pakistani origin stole tens of thousands from them, lived an extravagant lifestyle and by the time he was found out only had to pay back a whole pound of it due to religious reasons apparently. You couldn't make this shit up!
  • samuri
    Paul Nikkel is being watched for tax avoidance to!
  • Zorro
    qwertyuiop, I wonder how many thousands, nay millions could be plundered from the Bank of Jobcentre. Your thinly veiled racist views are a poor guise for your implausible made up tale. Viva Espana. Oh and Gibraltar will be ours soon. Thieving Cants.

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