Rivals want BT broken up

bt-logo Sky and TalkTalk aren't happy with BT and they want them broken up into tiny little pieces. Of course, all of BT's rivals rely on their network, but now there's going to be a review of the telecoms industry, this could be the time for a change.

Since BT enveloped EE, they're getting ever more dominant and regulator Ofcom said that they're going to be looking at the sector across a whole range of issues, and one of them regards competition in a market and whether there's enough of it.

The last time there was a review like this, BT opened their network to competitors and now, their rivals want Ofcom to do something with BT's infrastructure company, Openreach.

"There is no case for structural separation, with the UK leading the EU's five biggest economies for superfast broadband," BT said. "The current Openreach model has served the UK very well resulting in high levels of investment, intense retail competition, very high levels of coverage and take up and low prices."

"Ofcom must now take the opportunity to address Openreach’s conflict of interest as a subsidiary of BT or risk extending the problems that are affecting the industry and its customers today," said Sky Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch. TalkTalk chipped in as well, saying that the current market isn't fit for purpose: "It will further starve Openreach of the focus and capital it needs and will extend BT's dominance of the market," said TalkTalk Chief Executive Dido Harding.

"The larger group will have nearly 40 percent of the entire consumer telecoms market and nearly 70 percent of the wholesale market."


  • Dildo H.
    BT? Just an abbreviation omitting ullshi .
  • tin
    People in glass houses, Sky!
  • Robert
    What right do companies that see, with jealousy, a rival organisation doing well to demand a share of the assets of a rival?. If my personal computer has a problem would Talk Talk or Sky permit me to use one of their computers to allow me to continue to make a profit?. I would be willing to pay a SMALL fee for the "privilege". Why can rivals of BT have a right to demand access to the infrastructure of BT, but BT cannot have access to theirs?. If one of my local shops is having a problem with trading, would the owners be allowed to request that a" government organisation" ensure that supermarkets incorporate into their infrastructure a facility to help the shopkeeper make a profit?. What right HAVE companies that are in competition with BT, to demand that OfCom step in and tell me to give away "at a loss", part of my company?. As a shareholder of BT I am one of the owners of the company and I have been made to share with third parties something that I purchased, this is without my permission. Instead of complaining and demanding a share of what is rightly mine, (by purchase), let them purchase BT outright at a true market value, or at the very least compete fairly by efficiency and not by complaining. Can you imagine the short shrift that an international haulage company would receive in a demand that the price of fuel is sold to them is reduced because they would like to make more profit. The problem with little fleas, living of big fleas, living of dogs, is that the fleas get greedy AND THE DOG DIES
  • Mark H.
    The problem is that when the company that owns the infrastructure is in direct competition with other users of that infrastructure a conflict of interest quickly develops. It needs to be separated out completely.
  • BoredAndLooney
    Sky, SKY! So they can take the monopoly instead. There upset BT put enough pressure on them to demand access to sky sport channels (so they might be available on BT TV) and also bid them up on the football rights prices, its a bit of a pathetic retaliation, one that hasnt gained the support of any other players in the market. Talk talk? Sorry but I see a long term future of none, less so since it transpired one of its third party resellers took off with its database of customer info, which got quite a bit of press coverage. Buying Blinkbox was a major mistake and broadband wise, well it took Orange to topple them as the most complained about broadband company, at least Orange had the good sense to rebrand to EE but for some odd reason TalkTalk have never made any attempt to cast of their past and continue to plough on with their shit name and repuation. I'm guessing Sky might be interested in buying them out, infact I cant see any other reason why TalkTalk would say anything.
  • JonB
    I want to know why I have to pay £15-16 line rental. We were promised reduced prices when LLU came in, but that hasn't happened yet.

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