Revealed - The Bitterwallet Big Massive Huge Giveaway prize bundle!

461601Right now, we’re all hard at work, cutting up little pieces of paper. Each piece of paper has an email address printed on it, and those email addresses belong to those of you who entered our Bitterwallet Big Massive Giveaway prize draw over the past couple of weeks.

There have been hundreds of entries and we reckon we’ll be up until long after midnight, cutting out and folding up the pieces of paper until we draw one of them out of Vince’s pink crash helmet. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll be hearing from us soon.

In the meantime, you probably want to know what’s in the prize bundle that you could receive. So here’s the lowdown…

After reading that list, you might not now give a toss whether you win or not. If so, damn your eyes sir/madam. We’ll be announcing the name of the lucky winner real soon…


  • mark
    hmmm..... yeah not exactly wowed to be honest.
    • Andy D.
      Cool. Removed you from the draw Mark.
  • Mikey
    Not sure what people expect from a free prize draw, would have preferred the tesco brand beans to the data cable but other than that it's pretty good.
  • randoof
    love it just for The Take - stressful but great series. Hoep you got your clubcard points for WIndows 7 ;-)
  • Nickie
    Aww, of all the times to not enter a comp...! Inflatable cowboy costume, too neat :)
  • Mark (.
    Can you remove me as well please.... Windows 7 is good don't get me wrong, but I already have that off msdn. The rest is woeful. I'll stayed signed up for email alerts, but please either take me out of the draw or fix it so I don't win. I have enough random tat here already :)
  • cookie
    Free stuff is better than no free stuff! Just because there's no holiday or speedboat to be won doesn't render these prizes crap! A free brand new OS alone is sure better than a kick in the bollocks! :)
  • Burningfeetman
    Can ya stick my name in for one of those ungrateful sods you removed please. I promise to wear the cowboy costume next time i go to jumping jacks if i win....
  • Albon
    Cool I would love to win this stuff. Can not belive the coments of some pepole.
  • minstrelman
    That cowboy outfit looks cool, I'd have that, be its more pleasent than the last time i was in a horse.
  • mark
    "Cool. Removed you from the draw Mark." Don't be petulant just cause I think it is somewhat less then wowee.
  • cookie
    I would hardly call it petulant. For all the gargantuan effort of a singular post, you had the chance to win £100 worth of stuff for nothing. Yet you decided that that these items were unworthy of all the hardship you'd gone through in entering and decided to have a whinge about it. It's probably clear to most people that you aren't fussed about having these things, so they'll now be going to someone who'll be very happy to have them. Like me, hopefully.
    I want this real bad
  • mark
    No it was petulent, it was "if you don't agree I will take my ball away" attitude to disagreement, plus the original post made reference that the deal was not exactly exemplary. Whilst it is fine to remove mine name it was the tone used which to be seemed to me objectionable. This is my point of view and as the person in question the reply comment was addressed to from Andy, I find it fair to respond. I would be happy for you if you one and that you would enjoy you winnings.
  • cookie
    No worries Mark, I never begrudge someone their opinion. In fact, I respect the fact you were able to answer my comment without retorting to childish abuse, as I would usually expect online- so kudos to you mate :)
  • mark
    cheers dude, no reason a disagreeing opinion cannot be civil :-)
  • Rob
    So.....winner then ? ;-)
  • Pedant
  • Andy
    I've won, I've won - I've never won anything in my life!* Thank you so very much! So all I have to claim my prizes is pay a 1000 quid admin charge - cool! *well I have really

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