Retro video game condoms for randy geeks

Geeks! There's very little chance you'll get laid, unless of course, an ironic hipster decides to ride your pale body like a stolen moped. However, should you get lucky, then you might want to buy some retro gaming condoms.

donkey schlong

These (admittedly fine) nodders were created by Ben Marsh and sadly, aren't available in the shops - yet. With everyone having a bit of a thing for 8-bit graphics and retro games, there's no reason why someone shouldn't pick these up and sell them nationwide.

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  • Nobby
  • Joe
    Pole Position
  • Paul
  • Joe
    Missile Command
  • Paul
    Dungeons & Dragons - or is that TOO wrong?
  • Joe
    Chopper Command
  • Top T.
    Jet Set Willy
  • Tom
    New Poke'mon Condoms - So you cant catch them all ;)
  • tiny
    Space Invaders
  • NickS
  • NickS
    Altered Beast
  • NickS
    Golden Axe
  • issac h.
  • Paul
  • Top T.
    Snake Rattle N' Roll
  • Top T.
    Jungle Strike
  • Boris
    Cock Fighter II (unreleased in the UK but popular in Asia) Tongue of the Fatman (one can never be too careful) Wild Woody
  • Paul C.
  • Top T.
    Dig Dug
  • retro
    Investigate the items, chair was thought?Trust Natural, Let

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