Retro sweet sales thriving as we all pretend we're kids again


In these troubled times, could it be that we’re all reverting to our childhoods, revisiting a time when we felt safe and assured as opposed to nervous and fearful? Possibly – at least if a newly-released set of sweets sales figures are to be believed.

According to Tangerine, makers of vintage sweeties, sales of dip dabs shot up from £1 million in 2009 to £1.7 million in 2010, dolly mixture sales went from £1.2 million to £1.5 million, while bon bon sales nearly doubled to hit £1 million for the first time. Milk bottle sales jumped by 41 per cent.

In spite of the fact that the confectionary business is going sour, these old school classics are continuing to sell well, suggesting that some of us are dealing with economic catastrophe by occasionally pretending that we’re toddlers again. Retro sweet shops are on the rise as well, with over 100 new ones opening up last year, and 746 of them on the streets in total.

Dr Clay Routledge, a psychologist at North Dakota State University, told the Telegraph: “Nostalgia allows us to dip into the past and reassure ourselves that the world has some order and predictability, and that we are people of worth who are loved and are significant. In short, nostalgia is good psychological medicine in times of distress.”

We have to go now – a consignment of 7,500 giant cola bottle has just arrived and we’re off to scoff the lot.


  • rich
    This is wonder why comments have been dropping.
  • Dick
    You cannot beat space dust up the nose. That's not slang for any form of drug, I mean the popping, sugary stuff.

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