Retail Tales: Dan Aykroyd's biggest fan

DanAykroyd Another true story from a harrowing career in the cold, thankless world of working in shops...

Many years ago, while I was tolerating a temporary job in a newsagent’s shop, Hollywood funnyman Dan Aykroyd called in during a break from filming in the area. No, really.

He commented on how nice the local area and the shop itself was and treated himself to a Twix and a can of orange pop. My boss fancied getting a bit of publicity out of this and contacted the local paper who duly ran the story.

After this short blast of fevered excitement, everything returned to normal… for about a week or so. It was then that we were visited by Akroyd’s self-appointed number one fan who had travelled over 200 miles to see the shop where his hero had purchased orange pop and stand in the spot where the great man had picked up his Twix.

Helpfully, he also brought a life-size cardboard cut-out of the great man in his Blues Brothers guise which he requested we take his photo with. After getting my boss to sign the back of the cardboard Dan with a pen he’d brought especially for the task, he left, but only after insisting we keep the pen ‘as a souvenir’.

Honestly, I’m not making this shit up.


  • Jonny S.
    Now admit are the number 1 fan and you went to that shop with the cutout, you weren't really working there!
  • Jonny S.
    Oh sorry almost forgot... WTF?!? IS DIS REAL?!?
  • Nobby
    Did he also buy a souvenir twix and can of pop?
  • Stewie G.
    Travelled over 200 what?
  • PaulH
    200 Light Years
  • Jonny S.
    Errr miles...
  • Issac M.
    Whats the name of that song that Dan and John Goodman penned for the blue's brothers?
  • Umbongo C.
    dan ackroyd was in front of me in line at a record store once. i actually used to work for the store when it was located across the street from the branch i was in. the sales guy recognised him when he paid by amex with his real name on it. he was just a big dude in a long black coat and hat (in the middle of summer). it turns out there was a blues brothers official tribute show in town and he likes to check them out to make sure they are up to scratch, plus he was over here to play gold at st andrews i also sold a pair of bongs to david byrne from talking heads once and didn't recognise him until he paid by gold amex. in the same street a couple of doors up. he had an art exhibition further down the street
  • Issac M.
    Oh. Now I remember. Looking For A Fox by The Blues Brothers I'm all alone and fancy free But that ain't the way I wanna be Now girls get your game up tight We're gonna have a wing, ding doodle tonight But right now I'm looking for a fox I'm looking for a fox I'm looking for a fox (howl) Tonight the skys the limit I got some money and I wanna spend it It's saturday night and I wanna play I'm gonna groove til the break of day Now look a here I'm looking for a fox I'm looking for a fox etc
  • wet d.
    You are correct you couldnt make this shit up as it would have been far more entertaining if you had. Now if you had said Salma Hayek had walked in and played hide the twix then we would have been impressed.

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