Retail chess mayhem as Amazon infiltrate Spar with more of their lockers

Even though the public are turning against them owing to their tax shenanigans, Amazon are in no mood to call time on their plan to dominate the retail universe… and now they’ve teamed up with the Spar!

The exciting synergy is all based around Amazon’s lockers – installed in shops and other accessible places for customers who aren’t always around to take delivery of their Amazon-bought goodies.

The lockers will be installed at nine of the Spar’s stores at first, including Bannerbrook, Broomhill, Grantham and St Albans, but the threat of more lockers in other Spar stores is looming large.

Amazon has installed lockers in the stores of few retailers of late, including Martin McColl and The Co-op, as well as shopping centres and office blocks. Meanwhile, the Spar itself has never been groovier, with mobile charging units and free wi-fi being trialled in some of its stores.

We are truly living in the Jet Age….


  • Kevin
    Moaners moan but they are still buying from Amazon.
  • badger
    When will the retards learn that Amazon only have to pay what they have to pay? How many of you pay extra tax just because you feel like it? Exactly. Smacktards.
  • whatsit t.
    ^Completely agree!
  • Wongaporkpies
    So far so Spar !
  • Ste
    Similar to Badger's comments, aren't we aiming all this hatred in the wrong direction? If nothing illegal is being done then surely it should be aimed at the Treasury and Her Madge's RCs for allowing the loopholes to continually exist with no sign of them being closed down? The behaviour of these companies is almost commendable in fact - get a few of these clearly skilled accountants on the Government payroll and you'll see that spending deficit begin to come down pretty damn quickly. Those that didn't manage their accounts so well, Comet et al, where are they now?
  • Chewbacca
    Amazon are tax dodging cunts!
  • Han S.
    Okidoki, and in other news....
  • Luke s.
    I want my sister :(

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