Are restaurant vouchers more palatable during a recession? tough times, eating out is one of the first things people cut out of their budget. But who doesn't enjoy the occasional luxury of having someone else cook and do the dishes? It all comes down to getting a better deal, most likely through the use of print out food vouchers.

But to some, the use of such discount vouchers may feel like the social equivalent of bringing your own popcorn and coca cola to the cinema. So it may be of interest to know that MoneySupermarket revealed that of 5,010 Brits polled, 40% use a restaurant voucher at least once a month, while about 25% say they won't go to a restaurant without a voucher.

With more people experiencing financial difficulties, consumers are coming to see it as a clever way to inject a little levity into life. According to MoneySupermarket, the 5 most popular vouchers on their site are Pizza Express , Zizzi (50% off for cineworld card holders), Strada, Haha Bar & Grill, and Bella Italia.

Here are 3 more vouchers you can get, as mentioned on HUKD recently:

1. Covent Garden Grill has a printable voucher for two-for-one on Steak Burgers with Chunky Chips.  (thanks lucerysmum)

2. Until the end of July, when you order Pizza Hut delivery online and use the code TERFP057B, you can get a) free pizza with purchase of any other pizza and side; b) 50% off when you spend £30 or more ordering online; and c) free pasta, side, or dessert with purchase of a large pizza. (thanks millarcat)

3. If printing a voucher or typing in a code seem like too much trouble, here's an easy one: until the end of 2009, Frankie & Bennies offers Monday Madness, which is 25% off your food bill Mondays between 5 and 10 p.m. (excludes bank holidays). (thanks rose_cat_jr)

For those of you with a voracious appetite for eating out, and know of any other fine deals worth knowing about, please share them below!


  • Matt
    Revolution bars do lots of vouchers too, always a 241 cocktail, burger or pizza voucher going!
  • Chris
    Found does the trick for me. Lots of vouchers on there and updated all the time by the looks of it
  • The B.
    Urgh, who on earth eats at Pizza Hut?
  • > H.
    Brilliant Wong, Pizza hut voucher code doesn't seem to work for the 3 HUKD posters that tried it, who lives near Covent Garden? and the Franky and Benny's voucher seems to be out of date, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
  • Jase
    You can't really go wrong Orange Wednesdays and PizzaExpress. If you're not an Orange customer, I'm sure you have at least 1 friend who is...go with them or steal their promo code! 'Film' to 241 and you've got 2 people in the cinema for around £5 and a meal for two reduced to around £12 (would be around £25).
  • Joff
    I often wine and dine mid-week and it's easy to spot the restaurants that are offering the voucher deals - they'll be the ones with customers. Other restaurants (normally the local, independent ones) are empty unless they too run special offers and promote them well enough to attract those that rarely look beyond HUKD and MSE. I don't know the business numbers, but it makes more sense to me to have a restaurant full of people with BOGOF vouchers than a restaurant with more staff than diners.
  • Bob
    If any of you halfwits out their dont want your vouchers, Hand em over to me plz.
  • matt b.
    "to some, the use of such discount vouchers may feel like the social equivalent of bringing your own popcorn and coca cola to the cinema"... who doesn't do that? who even feels bad about it? I got charged six quid for a 100g of nuts, 500ml of coke, and an ice lolly last week - that's the only time I've bought snacks in a cinema in the last few years, and I'll be buggered if I'm going to bother doing it again.
  • pauski
    @ matt bee...LOVE it Some women (I do know), would pay far more than a fiver for 100g of nuts (one or two?), 500ml (or 5 grams)? Coke, followed by an "ice lolly" (feltching) - not to mention a good old shafting up the shitter..... LOL - I would'nt like it much tho....CLASS post....
  • pauski
    And not to mention the voucher for that!
  • Nobby
    If a restaurant does voucher offers, I will not eat in there unless I can use a voucher. Let's face it, they are overcharging you if you do not have a voucher.
  • Printable V.
    We've just got started, but we're hoping to build the webs biggest collection of printable vouchers for the UK High Street, restaurants, gyms and days out. Anybody who thinks that running a voucher site is easy, is wrong. It takes a long time to search for, find and validate the vouchers. The last thing we would want to do is publish vouchers that are incorrect or invalid! Printable vouchers seems a bit old fashioned, but it's a great feeling when you get your bill discounted because you spent 2 minutes with Google and a printer. :)

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