Remember Russ Abbott in a ginger wig? This is about as funny.


a) everyone is Glasgow can only read phonetically and would be stumped by travel directions spelt correctly

b) the customer service staff at King's Cross aren't aware of how patronising this poster, currently on display at the station, actually is

A member of staff may have produced it using Microsoft Word in the office this morning, or perhaps it was pasted up by a passing fan. Regardless, it's on King's Cross concourse right now. At least Celtic football fans are the shy, retiring type.



  • Nobby
    It's pro Celtic, so probably done by a Scotch man.
  • Alex
    I think it's in good spirits, I think you're overreacting.
  • John D.
    its all good fun. Us scots like a laugh and this would raise many a smile
  • Fliesinteeth
    It looks like the result of too many 'good spirits'
  • Mozart
    What makes you think it's a Scotch man who has written it? Is that not an Irish clover rather than a thistle?
  • Narcissus
    Overreaction by BW to say the least. Firstly, if you read carefully, most of it is done in standard english, where accent is used is sparse and mainly for humorous purposes (i.e. the beginning). Secondly, I'm surprised to find out that BW is run by a bunch of PC Twats. Do any of you actually read this stuff, then stop to contemplate how seriously you take it? You get a shitload of traffic from HUKD, and all you manage to do with it is post shitty articles about Supermarket mis-prices (which by the way are hillarious, even the 7th time) and Adverts? I mean seriously, you're given a great opportunity, something alot of other, more worthwhile blogs would kill for, and you squander it by posting shit?
  • Tom P.
    Posted by Narcissus "I’m surprised to find out that BW is run by a bunch of PC Twats" You mean the BW crew have something to do with the filth?
  • Large J.
    This was obviously printed in Coatbridge library, its rumoured that the spell check on its computer has jakey mode.
  • bilbo b.
    all aboard the Narcissus offended bus.........BEEP BEEP !!!!!
  • John P.
    Some great spelling by one of my brethern. I am a ashamed to be a tim today, sorry scousers, this guy is obviously a numpty who has had too many lemonades. Any way scousers I hope you all enjoy us singing our ira songs tonite and taking the piss out of you and your city which my comrades bombed.
  • lemon s.
    they are allergic to Queens English, shame the same cant be said for their love of the GIRO.
  • Ethel
    Get it right up yous ya cockney bams. it's only a laugh. You'll be treated to a display of the finest Irish support today. At least we know North London as a good Catholic part of city and one which welcome us! HAIL HAIL!
  • michael s.
    @ ethel the lurker . by the finest you mean. singing songs glorifying terrorists atrocities in london. enjoy your gubbing tonight.
  • Champion B.
    I cant wait to see the Mhanky Mhob thrown out of the top competition in Europe tonight. They would only sully it with their songs of praise for terrorism and pseudo-irish roots..... Up the Gooners.....
  • Gadger
    @ Champion Bear If you want to see what the big cup looks like, try the stadium tour at Paradise. I'm also looking forward to the fire sale this week at Mordor following on from Minty Moonbeams' decision to leave the sinking ship.
  • zadok p.
    @ gadger zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is that heid's nickname, big cup?
  • declain
    awrite chaps? youse pyoor stop the racisum byraway 2wrads the gr8tss fans in the world, byraway. im pyoor reporting you byraway
  • Gary G.
    Quite in agreement that this was printed off in coatbridge. I'm from airdrie... though, you'd only see that kindof sign from rangers fans there. I wish I still lived in Aberdeen. Never have I been more embarrassed to be a weegie.
  • Barry
    This and the Abbey post prove bitter wallet is going to shit.
  • Brian
    Looks like the Jock tossers have wasted their time coming South and will get their asses, in their Kilts, kicked AGAIN. Pathetic Scottish teams, and shit Scottish Premier League
  • Mewling P.
    That's what you get if your a man and you wear a skirt. Tranny.
  • Alice C.
    Laughs out loud, (I need to come up with an acronym for that really, pain in th'arse to write.)
  • Cheap_sack
    I'm with Narcissus Scots suck
  • Nobby
    @Mozart - Is that not an Irish clover rather than a thistle? Celtic have a (four leaf) clover on their badge. Obviously made by a person that cannot count.
  • Bluto
    Hurrah! Discussion to Racism in under a dozen posts! There really are some fuckwits in here. Back on topic for a sec (shock! horror!) I'm a Scot, and a Celtic fan, and I'm not in the least offended. I think it's pretty funny.
  • Bluto
    @nobby: Obviously! Not even possible that is was someone with limited amounts of clipart. No, it must be stupidity..

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