Remember playing Nyan Cat on your NES? Sure you do!

Bitterwallet - Nyan Cat Bitterwallet - Nyan Cat 2

[JR Barker]


  • Adam
    Is that a cat with a strawberry poptart for a body?
  • Neil
    Don't ignore the fact it's excreting rainbows.
  • tom
    Remember the theme tune... Nyan Cat! yeeeeeeeaaaaaah! Nyan Cat! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Good verses Evil it's Nyan Cat! (Nyan Cat)
  • PokeHerPete
    What is Nyan Cat? What is the Internet? What is The Game?
  • Lofty
    Before My time.
  • Tim
    I remember playing that on the NES. The SNES version was even better.
  • the g.
    It's on Clementine too
  • charlie
    So lets get this straight: Nyan cat = Pop tart Evil cat = Potato waffle Fox = fox
  • Hugh J.
    Skull - skull

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