Remember crimefighters, Anne Robinson is back on Watchdog tonight!



  • RobC
    Shes on Watchdog ? ...what did she do this time , selling dodgy `ginger porn` or something ?
  • Tom P.
    Who is that OLD bat, it's not Anne Robinson....Anne looked quite sexy in those leather trousers.
  • fu m.
    never has a show been so aptly named....
  • Steve B.
    @ fu manchu - thanks for genuinely making my day a much better one
  • Amanda H.
    Please! Can we have a post about iphones or apple or anything! Im sick of seeing that old bint.
  • Amanda H.
    She seems to have an enormous penis to the side of her head.
  • Amanda H.
    I mean a small one. A small penis, #cough#.
  • Liam
    What gets me about the BBC doing watchdog is that is a constant leftie, sensationalist, baraging attack on the private sector. It is OK for the public sector monopoly to do as they please as they rob us of the TV license year on year. Now I know there are some real cowboys on there, but I don't think the Beeb should take the moral highground. Look at all those phone-in scams. Did that make it to Watchdog? Thought not.
  • Brian
    Shut up
  • fu m.
    @Steve Blag you're welcome! and thanks for brightening my day with the reply!

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