Refreshing honesty from museum

7 September 2011

Snapped at (we think) the Harvard Museum of Natural History and bunged on That Twitter by @mikeherrity. Nice - we appreciate their candour.



  • Cheesey
    I wanna see this zoologically impossible face!
  • The B.
    Was it Chris Packham?
  • Derooftrouser
    It's an art project
  • Dick
    What about ... This object was removed because of the lack of security. If you know who has it, please let us know.
  • Grumpy
    What about a Creationist sponsored sign beneath a fossil saying: "WTF - Is dis real?"
  • Grumpy
    What about a Creationist-sponsored sign beneath a fossil saying: "WTF - Is dis real?"
  • jim
    If you would like to purchase this item, please take this card to the checkout.

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