Reebok Rebrand

reebok Rave-parent sporstwear favourite Reebok have launched a new logo.

The brand mark, entitled Reebok Delta, aims to reflect the company's new 'singular focus on fitness'

It's already being used online, and will be applied to all the brand's clothing and footwear based in training, running, outdoor, yoga and aerobics

Apparently, adding the Delta symbol represents "the positive and transformative change that fitness can have on a person's life", according to Reebok, and the three arms that form the triangular device relate to the physical, mental and social changes that fitness inspires in people. Of course they do.

Matt O'Toole, Reebok chief marketing officer, says, "The new brand mark signals a clear purpose for our brand and it will be a badge for those who pursue a fuller life through fitness."

"It is our symbol of change - an invitation to take part, and to unlock your true potential. It's not a logo, it's a symbol…a way of life."



  • Fagin
    shouldn't that be "matt THE toole" coughing up sweatshop money that'd have given a nice bonus to a factory of workers when they could have ordered a starbucks in their break (when not wanking over porn) & said new unintelligible logo, yup we'll have that one, ...kerching instead 150 gran to allegedly realign the companies chakra just like you got burnt that time with an expensive hot stone holistic Aura massage* *not Oral
  • Rich F.
    I have that tattooed on my left bum cheek. I'm off to do a hero WOD - probably Fran 321 Go!
  • Michael
    Looks familiar...
  • Slacker
    No matter how many times they rebrand it, Reebok will always be the choice of chavs.

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