Redsave redefines RRP and offers bigger savings

You'll all be familiar with the history of Redsave, the online retailer that's had a barrage of criticism from consumers, solicitors, Hot UK Deals and others besides. There's plenty of history to read up on if you've don't know about the company, but we wanted to let you know that the BBC's report into Redsave that we reported on last October, finally aired on the BBC last week.

The company was featured in a segment on Inside Out South - most of the country doesn't see this regional version of the show, so thanks to several Bitterwallet readers for letting us know about it. You only have a few hours left to view it on the BBC's website, but it's definitely worth a gander:

Bitterwallet - Max Walker, Redsave

Redsave have acted on previous complaints and changed their site to more clearly explain the £20 monthly subscription fee. But what we didn't know about was how Redsave justified charging the subscription. We'd heard the company claim they're saving many satisfied customers hundreds of pounds, but how does that work?

Bitterwallet - RRP doesn't mean what you thinkOne thing Redsave does, as boss Max Walker explains, is they redefine what an RRP is. Absolutely true. It's fair to say there's a very public understanding of what an RRP is, and what it's an abbreviation for - Recommended Retail Price. Therefore, you might think Redsave would explain if they deliberately changed the meaning of RRP when using it on a retail website, otherwise it might cause some confusion.

You'd think wrong.

Every product on the site has an RRP. The programme features a 32GB iPod Touch - Redsave states the RRP is £269.99 but sell it for £229.99 - a saving of £40! Yet you can order the same item from Apple for £234, so it's clearly not an RRP. What are these RRPs that Redsave are quoting? Watch Walker squirm as he attempts to explain in the report, but here's the gist of it:

Walker: "We don't refer to it as a Recommended Retail Price... it's quite a difficult thing... in consumer-"

Reporter: "Well it says RRP...

Walker: "No, that's our Redsave Retail Price... so we're not quoting RRPs."

The Redsave Retail Price! Of course that's what it means! So Redsave aren't quoting RRPs, they're just giving the standard abbreviation a completely different meaning which in turn may exaggerate the savings available - as it clearly does in the case of the iPod Touch - and all the while not explaining the fact. Nothing confusing about that, at least not according to Walker, who appears astounded that RRP may have another meaning:

Reporter: "Do you think that's clear to most people?"

Walker: "Well I think so because we've got so many people shopping with us every day."

Reporter: "Could you make it clearer, though? Because RRP to most people is Recommended Retail Price."

Walker: "Right. Well I'll consider it, but I don't think it's unclear."

Not unclear at all, apart from the fact the definition is NOT EXPLAINED ANYWHERE ON THE WEBSITE. There's also another interesting claim from the mouth of Walker:

"All our Redsave prices are cost price - we don't make any money."

Anyone familiar with Quidco knows that Apple offers affiliates 3 per cent on sales, which would make the same iPod cheaper than the Redsave price, and we'd be of the opinion that retailers tend to buy in goods to sell with wider margins that that.

Next - Max Walker redefines space-time and sells you your own great grand-children. And that hoverboard from Back to The Future 2.


  • The S.
    You didn't look hard. I went into help, then clicked on the redsave pass link and it has the following in there: So what is the "Retail Price" shown on the page? The Retail price is our normal selling price that anyone can purchase the item , without entering into our 30 days free trial for a redsave shopping pass monthly subscription. This retail price is always a low price, but not as heavily discounted as our RedSave Pass Price. You can purchase any items at this retail price as often as you like, but you will not get your RedSave Shopping Pass Subscription and the big discounts that the redsave pass can offer. Granted, it's not always a low price, but it states on their website what their definition of RRP is.
  • Paul S.
    I've read it. Twice. Nowhere on there does it state that the term RRP as used by Redsave doesn't not mean Recommended Retail Price. Nowhere. It's ambiguous. It's confusing. Even if it did say that, which it doesn't, the fact you have to click on a link away from the homepage to read a new definition of an already defined abbreviation used by every other retailer in the country would still be unhelpful to consumers. If Redsave wanted to stop confusing people, they could use the term 'Redsave Price', don't you think?
  • diGriz
    They should make it RedRP which would help matters and looks a bit more unique. Obviously it's meant to be misleading though.
  • Tom P.
    Redsave Rimjob Pricks (RRP) These people are scum.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    I hope they all get raped by violent monkeys and die of aids.
  • The S.
    I'm not saying that they are using it to confuse people, bu they do specify their definition, albeit hidden away. Not that people should consider using them anyway, the "savings" are poor and also £20 a month, I don't see why people would join.
  • Maxi_Pad
    Max Walker? Max Wanker more like. I heard he was involved in a racist kidnapping plot in 1998.
  • Ten B.
    [...] credibility of controversial Redsave takes a bit of a [...]
  • Jimbo
    The Big Shef : The Retail price is our normal selling price that anyone can purchase the item , without entering into our 30 days free trial for a redsave shopping pass monthly subscription. Well I could only find this after you gave directions and yet it still doesn't actually mention that RRP doesn't stand for RRP and is a price they've essentially made up therefore confusing/misleading customers.
  • CCJ
    con men that is what they are and they know it
  • Kurt
    Dont we lock criminals up anymore in this country? Do people have to take the law into their own hands?
  • Andy
    The real scandal here is that Trading Standards have done nothing and claim to be powerless to close these charlatans down. What a waste of space (and tax payers money!).
  • Rupert
    How can this company continually get away with conning the public. One item RRP has cost over £100. I have written to Redsave to advise legal action willbe made against them and they have not even replied as they say they do not write letters. I suggest nobody uses the company unless you want to be ripped off
  • Dean M.
    Wish I had found this site before buying from these crooks, they're still at it and making money out of their premium telephone number for their version of customer services. They have realised that they can now make money out of all the complaints that they get. They took my order and didn't have the product in stock, or maybe they did but just made me wait 2 weeks until I had used their premium rate complaint number numerous times. This company really is a disgrace please AVOID AT ALL COSTS and let everyone know.
  • Dave B.
    Well I bought 3 "Doctor Who Movie Daleks" off Redsave, each for £19.99. These Daleks are discontinued and you can't get them elsewhere for under £40 (which is the full Redsave price). I kept the emails with the order numbers, and then as soon as the items had been received, I cancelled my Redsave pass within the 30 days "free" period. All 3 items were despatched and arrived within 3 working days of ordering, were well-packed and all working on arrival. Resave even responded to an email I sent asking if I could have a particular colour. I'm sorry if this comment goes against the grain of this article, but I'm afraid I haven't had a problem with Redsave and they've done exactly what they say on the tin - provided me with the items I want, at a very good price, with no hassles.
  • esther
    I got caught by redsave and noticed the montly subscription after 2 months had been taken out I immediately cancelled and then redsave took a further monthly subscription. I was unable to cancel with my bank. Redsave agreed in writing to refund this to me on 27th October 2010 but I still havent received it back after numerous e-mails chasing the money I now get no reply.
  • Mel C.
    I ordered goods and they arrived on time and well packaged and absolutely as described. So far, so good. I was quite impressed and perfectly prepared to recommend them to others. I then needed to return one of the items and followed the extremely complicated returns instructions to the letter. The parcel cost approx £7 (6.99 actually and I know the Redsave legal team will quote that if they think I have told any untruths) to send special delivery with proof of receipt. Redsave insisted they hadn't received it even though the post office confirmed that they had. Eventually they said they would refund but of course they haven't refunded. Every time I call, someone very plausible promises a refund and then does absolutely nothing about it. Another lesson learnt. I realised as soon as I cancelled the membership within the free 30 day trial that I wouldn't get any refund. I should have just kept the item. Redsave - if you're reading this - you very nearly had one very satisfied customer - but then you blew it.
  • Rosemary
    This company ripped me off too. I ordered two very small items and had no idea that I was being automatically subscribed to some shopping club. I didn' know about this until they had taken £19.95 from my account without my permission and then I cancelled but they have still taken another £19.95. I can't understand why nothing has been done to shut this company down. It will have a huge effect on other company's business too as I for one will never shop on line again so all those other companies will end up losing business because of this couple.
  • Susie D.
    Dear all, I bought a mini sewing machine from Redsave in January which seemed like an absolute bargain. A lot of online retailers had offers but Redsave's was the best or so I thought... My order arrived very quickly and I was really pleased with the quality and product and thought that would be the end of it. I noticed £19.99 had been taken out of my account in February and March and immediately cancelled their sneaky little subscription. I have e-mailed and phoned Redsave ever since I noticed this to request a refund and have received no feedback apart from their insistance that adding the subsciption in small font and on a seperate link is perfectly legal. I do not question it's legality, purely it's ethics!! I have managed to gain feedback that the £40 which they took without my consent has gained me vouchers towards a cruise and I was assured that they would be posted to me. Surprise surprise, nothing has arrived. I have asked Redsave to take me seriously but they obviously have no interest in customer care, just their illegal (as far as I am concerned!) profit making. I am now planning to add my feedback to every avenue I can find so no further people fall in to the Redsave trap and lose their hard earned money. I would urge anyone who has had similar issues to do the same - join the social networking groups, speak to trading standards, ombudsmen, small claims courts like I am planning to do. Good Luck!
  • imran
    lol @ Posted by IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay • March 1, 2010 at 12:47 pm I hope they all get raped by violent monkeys and die of aids. and Posted by Maxi_Pad • March 1, 2010 at 5:59 pm Max Walker? Max Wanker more like. I heard he was involved in a racist kidnapping plot in 1998. you guys are legends :)
  • imran
    avoid radsave at all costs or it will cost you...............
  • michael
    Avoid Red Save like the plague..con men
  • Rob F.
    For your readers information, the following are the email addresses that I've been able to harvest for our very good friends at Redsave [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • j j.
    These are not people they are just scum....

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