Record £10 billion extra tax to be paid by Britons in 2009

Thanks to unpreparedness and poor planning by some British families, research has shown that we are set to pay a record £10 billion more tax than we need to this year. The research group said this figure would be £700 million more than in 2008.

David Elms, chief executive of, said:

"With individuals and families forced to tighten their belts this year, it is alarming how little people are doing to take advantage of the tax incentives, reliefs and credits available to them, and to avoid being hit by fines for basic mistakes."

The record breaking £10 billion additional tax in 2009 to be garnered is mostly due to individuals and families not taking full advantage of several tax credits. According to the report, self assessment tax returns of over £503 million additional tax will be paid this year; on Capital Gains Tax, a whooping £309 million additional tax is being paid to the treasury, while on inheritance tax, inadequate planning will result in £2.24 billion in taxes.

Lastly, another £144 million of tax being is handed over to the government.

[Unbiased via Which]


  • Pizza_D_Action
    Wish the government would cut me a break, but then I am stupid enough to work for a living, earn a decent (alebit not good by any means) wage, not have any kids.....
  • The B.
    Yep, being in the 40% tax bracker means that I get feck all tax breaks, I even get slaughtered on the few perks I do get (i.e. 50% of my gym membership paid, and then 40% tax on it so in reality 30% gym membership paid).
  • blackgerbil1
    Did I mention i earn 120k a year and am buff. no money probs here see i boght some eggs last week. i luv luke acecatcher3 loads: man luv rules :)
  • Martin
    Do I claim a £100 tax break and not be sure about it because the guidance is not clear, risking a larger fine if I am wrong or pay more than the benefit is worth to an accountant to tell me? I'm not surprised people over pay.
  • Roy
    "while on inheritance tax, inadequate planning will result in £2.24 billion in taxes" Or stubborness in my parents case.
  • Callum
    Martin - you could always ask HMRC if you are entitled to it or not.... That would be far too easy though wouldn't it...
  • -=Mike H.
    Once again it's a case of look after the ones who can't be arsed with sproggs, fuck the people who try to earn a living! This country is a joke

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