Recession: Have you thought of leaving the UK?

Ray Winstone recently launched a bitter attack against Britain, somewhat unfairly saying that the country has "gone to the dogs".  He blamed knife crime, an inefficient NHS, high taxes and politicians to deal with.  "Our choices are w***** No.1 Gordon Brown and w***** No.2 David Cameron. No thank you."  But as UK unemployment edges towards the two million mark and we fight to get through one of the worst recessions ever, could more people join the likes of Ray in emigrating abroad?

It was also announced today that millions of UK workers may no longer be allowed to work beyond the 48 hour work week after European MPs voted to ban the voluntary code.   According to The Daily Mail:

"...13 of 19 Labour MEPs defied Gordon Brown and backed the move by Brussels to end the special deal... around three million workers in the UK regularly put in more than 48 hours. The tourism and catering industries, farmers, medical researchers and offshore workers are likely to be worst affected if a cap is imposed by Brussels."

In the midst of all that's going on with the economy, there truly cannot be a worst time for such an ordeal.  We're talking about hard working Brits trying to put bread on the table with the rising food and electricity/gas bills along with a currency that is about to hit parity with the Euro, hitting families hard at a difficult time.

More importantly, with the way job prospects are looking, as news continues with a currency that's constantly fluctuating along with inflation/deflation and a neverending Bitterwallet deathwatch list, I am curious: have any of you have thought about leaving the UK and emigrating elsewhere?  If so, where, and why?  And if you don't plan to leave, for waht reasons would that be?  Do you think that the quality of life in the UK will sustain, especially if the pound doesn't recover?


  • Sharon
    Maybe but my husband won't because of families. Would love to migrate to Australia ....seems more of a peaceful country rather than this country packed of asylum seekers, benefits frauders, taxes etc etc and also blame the weather. Everything is not rite.
  • Mike H.
    We really didn't think it through when we sent all the convicts to Australia did we?
  • Sharon
    lol oh yeah i think thats y my husband didnt want to go there!!! but at least some good came out of it hahahah
  • Micky
    We are really avoiding the main issue - anything and everything including this so called recession has been manipulated and stratagised - moving overseas would have been an option several years ago but the same environment, disease, parasites, and takers exist in the same abundance elsewhere. The only real difference would be a change in scenery, weather and language. We blame and moan about what has been done to us but who is really to blame - WE ARE - we have become a nation and race of unquestioning morons, automatons that can not do anything except make any situation worse - we have become couch potatoes yes people that deserve everything we get because in essence we allowed it and always have - I will never return to the UK and despise English people who along with the Americans and a select few other countries are the sole cause of everything you see, feel, experience and know
  • Owen
    @Micky - So you preach and then contradict yourself - You say WE are the problem for being complacent and not changing things then announce you are never coming back - So in fact you have perpetuated the situation by pissing off elsewhere - Have fun living in your own little self-rightous world - however maybe stop posting drivel on forums
  • Craig
    LOL @ Micky, like owen said, how can you say that you benefit nothing from leaving the UK, when you have done this yourself? And in that respect, how can you say that WE have become a nation of morons and automatons, when you are no longer part of this nation? You pompous, self contradicting ex-pat nonce, keep your nose out of our business and focus on your own countries problems.
  • Simon
    My wife & I left the UK earlier this year shortly after selling our house in the NW. We used to shout about the things that bothere/affected us & we were always dissapointed when nobody else stood up with us even if the wholly agreed with us, so we came to the conclusion that the English are spineless & scared on the whole. This lead us to go & we are so much better off. Conclusion: IF YOU DONT STAND UP & FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, YOU WILL BE WALKED OVER.
  • Ray 2.
    Ray Winstone recently launched a bitter attack against Britain, ........'somewhat unfairly' (WHAT'S UNFAIR ABOUT THIS STATEMENT ???): saying that the country has “gone to the dogs”. He blamed knife crime, an inefficient NHS, high taxes and (inefficient useless) politicians to deal with. ”Our choices are WANKER & OVERPAID CUNT No.1 Gordon Brown, WANKER & OVERPAID CUNT No.2 David Cameron. They have run the UK into this SHIT, will continue to do so like they did in the 70's, then walk away with fat pensions for their incompetance !!!. Must agree with Simon Conclusion: IF YOU DONT STAND UP & FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, YOU WILL BE WALKED OVER. The UK is fucked and sadly will be so for a long time to come...guess who's going to pay for it...£23,000 debt per person ATT and rising. To late to get out now :(
  • jane
    i agreed with his comments. i had the misfortune to go to A&E in Inner London for my child, god help me. all patients were foreigners there needless -to-say. anyway we waited 3 hours to see a doctor. the nurse looked surprised and indignant that i was fed up and - dare i say angry. my GP practice shuts all w/e so God help you if you have a child who is ill between 4 p.m. friday and 10 a.m. monday. GPs don't do visits no matter what. And we have a laughable "out-of hours" services (SELDOC) where - if you're lucky the doctor will ring you back in an hour or so. SO disgusting is the service to sick children I am gobsmacked.
  • well w.
    sister moved to Spain bout 4 years ago but their in just the same boat as us. I'm looking forward to brighter times as ahead as i'v got some money and plan to do something that should pay back in the long run. If you have a basic job then you'll suffer but i guess you'd suffer wherever you were. to do nothing means you'll fail.The grass is always greener on the other side but you could try to retrain or something and push yourself forward. England had it too good for too long, waste and want is amazing and since i'm an optimist i hope some good will come out of all this crap. ie less benifits, more accountability, lower pay for bank directors. Moving is a nice idea (i have romanticized about it) but realisticly you'd be no better of.
  • Andy
    I've just made the decision to pack up and leave the uk. The reasons why become obvious when you look at the hoops I'm having to jump through to go and live in Australia they will only accept me and my family because I meet a certain critera taking into my age, qualifications, can I speak the language and how long have a held down full time employment. The UK are suffering due to the our open door policy whilst the rest of the world or atleast the half you would want to live in are only accepting the brits they are willing to take ie the ones with good qualifications and are going to contribute to the economy rather than suck it dry
  • casparwhite
    id hardly say austrlias in a better position , they have recently lost a third of the value of the dollar!! everybody is in the same boat and it stands with the fatcats who have all pocketed millions over the last few years when the economy was doing well!! that money should of been put aside for times like now,, all these companies expecting hand outs from the government (us the taxpayers btw)while the shareholders and fatcats have pocketed and benefiteed and dissapeared with profits out of our pockets now again we have to pay!
  • Micky
    For Craig and Simon - Leaving the UK is an act of freewill - it was already clearly stated that it is no better elsewhere except for a scenic, weather and possible language change but any alteration that for an individual means not having to be around the same kind of people and environment every second of everyday is in itself an improvement if only a minor one - your patriotism to a country and people that are not only to blame entirely for their predicament but also yet another example of avoiding the true issues and conclusions that you either do not see refuse to see or can not see - since when is demonstrating the option to leave a country a hypocritical behavior, especially when any and all options of to a solution are devoid and obsolete - next time you morons try actually reading what is writen and just because you do not have the aptitude to understand something that is clearly stated, known, seen and felt without the need for a moronic reaction without the benefit of intellect - otherwise stay in an arena that is more suitable - the only pompous, self rightious expressions have been your own - answer this question - with idiots like you two around why should it be mandatory to stay? Why stay in a place of perpetual misery and parasitic infestation - you are both mild and simple examples of what is despised and beyond repair
  • Dave
    If fewer people worked over 48 hours, then perhaps this would free up some more work for some of the 2,000,000 unemployed - you didn't mention that in your analysis, did you?
  • Chris
    How many of the people who want to leave the country complain about the amount of immigrants in the country? Hypocrites
  • Bernard B.
    Have you thought of leaving the UK? After reading this.....yes.
  • David
    My parents have packed up and have headed off to India for 6 months, leaving the house locked up and car in the garage. Apparently beer is around 30p a pint, The Times newspaper 5p daily and a decent salad lunch works out at 20p. Can't be bad at all and the flights must be cheap with all the terrorists problems. Its a good job they're in Goa though and not Mumbai.
  • suzie
    oh to live abroad, sun, police on every corner, safe to walk out alone, cheap food, what more could you ask? no its not in the EU thats why...............................Tunisia!!
  • Jon
    Hmm this law would be a good idea to stop the culture of overwork in the UK which contributes to a poor quality of life for so many of us. On paper I get paid for 40 hours a week but routinely end up working more than this because it is the done thing and the job - management - could not be done without it. This law would be a good idea. To all those wanting to flee the country, for such incentives as a newspaper for 5p, police on every corner (this is a good thing? sounds like a police state IMO.....), then go ahead, seeya.
  • Ha
    @Jane - Oh god help you jane all those "foreigners"
  • The I.
    leave the country becoze of an International economic crisis !!!! no wonder African people die trying to cross the mediterrian on boats ... people are moaning about Credit crunch but they cant stop shopping and eating out ... people moaning about credit crunch but cant help it when Mike flags a Hot deal from Dell ,people moaning about credit crunch despite riding new cars and watching Sky HD and playing Call of Duty 5 on massive Plasma screen Tvs .... i guess every one has to take a turn as a poor man woman with 4 kids in Kong .. only then this Heaven will be appreciated ...
  • Roy
    "Must agree with Simon Conclusion: IF YOU DONT STAND UP & FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, YOU WILL BE WALKED OVER." Sorry but where exactly do you stand up? How can one person make a difference in todays society? Last time I looked the world has no Che Guevaras, just a lot of paris hiltons and x factor shows. There isnt a country in the world where people stand and fight for what is right, a bold statement but true. There are civil wars if thats what you want in the uk? Congo style brutal civil wars or world wars, these are the things that are called "standing up and fight for what is right" You might want to think about your words and not just try to sound clever. Id like everyone to stand up and stop the bad things going on, but how can you? What exactly can you do? Organise a rally? there are rallys for causes all the time. During the great depression and the first world war after germany lost, the versallis treaty asked them to pay Billions, which they didnt have. Hundreds of billions. A man called Hitler stood up to fight the peoples cause, the people were lost, desperate and Hitler was a total nutcase, then we have world war 2. So think about standing up and fight for what is right because the reality is, behind your ideals, since time began wars, death, fighting and famine come about when masses of people want to change something drastic. The worst thing this country has done is let the media control it and it sure has talked up the recession and even invented a word for us all to use, credit crunch. And America is in recession, so if anyone thinks they can escape it there pretty strange. People like Ray Winstone are millionaires so they cant really talk about anything living in tax exile and not in the real world anyway.
  • Roy
    PS Its hard to take Ray Winstone seriously when he advertises christmas football DVDs purely for a bit of cash, no matter how poor quality or trashy the DVD. Yet he complains about poor quality leadership, when he is fine in advertising poor quality stuff for people to waste there money on just for christmas on stocking fillers people dont want.
  • Roy
    Micky you have a lot hate for england and hate isnt any form of intellect. Not sure how anyone with intelligence can hate and generalise an entire country as being the same, as well as all the people. Life around the country is totally different depending on where you live and so are the people.
  • Tino
    I used to live in Dallas, USA and moved because my wife is from the UK. My parents live in OZ. From what I can see, live is tough anywhere if you dont do what's neccessary for you to survive. My parents started with nothing and now they own several houses, and the same thing happened with us. So, I would recommend to stop bitching abt everything and start changing yourself. I used to hate living here, but after several years of perseverance, we are OK now. And please stop bitching abt NHS, I used to pay around $ 700/month for health insurance to cover me and my wife, and couldnt even see a specialist for 3 months, and the insurance wouldnt cover a lot of things.
  • Sue
    I am not sure leaving the UK would be better, but it probably would depend on where you would move to. I care for both my disabled parents so cannot work & could not move away anyway. I have lived in SE london/Kent border all my life & had a good life & upbringing. But the change over the past 10-15 yrs has been horrible. My kids were not allowed out on the streets until they were into secondary school, partly because of the pervs but also because of the behaviour of the kids allowed out from a very early age. I did not want their bad behaviour & attitude influencing my kids. My eldest went to college & has moved away to work in East Sussex because she says the different way of life there is so much nicer than here which I totally agree with her about. So I feel that moving abroad is an option for some but for me moving to an area more suited to us where there are NO gangs, loud mouth families who like to drink, argue, play music & where the shops are not mostly fast food & betting shops. That would be better for us & I am sure a lot of good decent people would feel the same. It's just a shame that the number of foul mouthed gambling, drinking, fast food eating riff raff (& no I'm not a snob) are on the increase & that is what is bringing the areas down.
  • Paul
    Like a few here, I left the UK a few years ago. I currently live in Spain and work in Gibraltar, which was great until about a year ago. Now, I'm getting reamed by the exchange rate, and it's hard to convince banks to lift a finger to help (Spanish banks have problems comprehending a non-Spanish income while Gib banks usually want a Gib residence). The job market in Spain is even worse and my grasp of the language is average-to-mediocre so that's not an option, and property prices in Gib are ridiculous. It's not all bad - the cost of living is still cheaper here in Spain, the weather and more relaxed lifestyle certainly don't hurt. As a lot of investors have been abandoning the market, property prices are also dropping like stones (if only you can convince someone to lend at a decent rate in these climes!). Generally speaking, the grass isn't always greener. It's a *global* financial crisis, and while some places are hit less severely than others, it's not necessarily the best time to be trying to find a new job, integrate into an unfamilar lifestyle and culture, etc. By all means go for it if you want to, but you have to have a better reason than "things are probably better than the UK"... Look on the bright side: at least you don't live in Zimbabwe!
  • doofus
    micky obvi has a small knob. Its painfully obvious. All people hung like a mouse are as uptight as him. go easy on him.
  • Bob
    Sorry, I appear to have wandered into the Daily Mail website by mistake, I'll be off.
  • Juan K.
    Don't ya just love the "I'm emigrating to Spain/Australia etc. because England is full of foreigners..." mentality. Oh the delicious irony..
  • Julie
    Doofus seems to be an expert on small knobs, funny how transference seems to lighten the load on closet Queenie's like himself He may not like what Micky said but if he actually understood what was being said even a dickless wonder like him would have to acknowledge that Micky has a point. exasperation at what has been happening is understandable and no less a characteristic of being 'uptight' as being just blunt and to the point. Most here have raised good points, unfortunately there is no censorship for a******s like Doofus and a couple of others who write comments with no depth, meaning or value.
  • Micky
    # Posted by Roy | December 19th, 2008 at 12:16 am Micky you have a lot hate for england and hate isnt any form of intellect. Not sure how anyone with intelligence can hate and generalise an entire country as being the same, as well as all the people. Life around the country is totally different depending on where you live and so are the people. Since when has being direct been a description for the emotion of hate? You mistake absurd disappointment in a country and its people for an easy get out to deflect attention from what is real and what is not. A few years ago for example places like Scotland, Wales and Ireland where very different as were the people, but unfortunately the same people, attitudes, and politicking infested these places as well. The reality is that for every 1 person that is OK you will have to go through over a 1000 or more of the other type of people first and we are not talking about the shallow version of OK but actual people that can think, reason, question and are actually interesting - basically people with some depth - I have traveled extensively and found many other places and people far more than what I have ever encountered in the UK - At some point you just have to face reality and acknowledge that no matter how hard you try to adapt, solve or adjust to the changes - the consequences far out weigh the end result - it takes a greater strength of character, and intelligence to try and start something new elsewhere, especially in this climate - not everyone has that option and for those that don't you have my sympathies - for everyone else that don't , wont or cant even try and merely accept everything as the easiest option - I have no sympathy or understanding for you
  • Andy
    I can only speak for myself but my point wasnt that foreigners are a bad thing purely for being foreign just that people should only be allowed to come and live in our country if they are going to contribute to it. Thats why other countries assess your skills before allowing you to live there. Another point is yes it is a global problem unfortunately the UK is responding to it in completely the wrong way unless a 2.5% price drop had you running for the shops? or you think its a good idea to increase debt under these circumstances ? or agreeing to bail out banks without any stipulation that they will pass on interest rate cuts? and then to top it off our good old PM gets a public lashing by a foreign organisation after telling them they are causing high oil prices.

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