Rebranded Watchdog May Save Us All

UK consumers now have bigger teeth with added bite when it comes to snapping back against the nasty corporations and utility companies that blight their every waking moment. Or so it seems, if the all-new organisation Consumer Focus is to be believed.

Made up from an amalgamation of the now-defunct Energywatch, Postwatch and the National Consumer Council, Consumer Focus boast ‘strong new legislative powers,’ with ‘the right to investigate any consumer complaint if they are of wider interest, the right to open up information from providers, the power to conduct research and the ability to make an official super-complaint about failing services.’

An angry consumer, yesterday

It sounds phenomenal but there’s a nagging recurrence of references to complaints about the postal service and energy suppliers throughout their website. A bit like buying a car that only steers to the right hand side. Bitterwallet will keep a close eye on Consumer Focus and see if they’re really out to make a difference or simply nothing more than a new name and a fresh lick of paint.

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