Rebel Artists Raid Multi-Million Pound London Mansions band of rebel artists has taken squatting to a whole new level. Instead of empty flats, they are now raiding multi-million dollar London mansions.

A group of squatters calling themselves the “Da! Collective” have successfully invaded a Mayfair mansion, owned by the billionaire Duke of Westminster, valued at £6.25million.

The group is not new to squatting - they brag of a “property portfolio” which, if it actually belonged to them, would be worth up to £100million. The rebels were able to take over the property under the noses of armed police by posing as builders in high visibility jackets.

Think that the Da! Collective are just common criminals? The law states otherwise. The mastermind behind this group, architecture student Simon McAndrew, told the press, “Squatting is not a criminal offence. If the owners want to kick us out they’ll have to apply for an eviction notice.”

According to The Daily Mail, under existing laws, squatters can claim ownership of a property if the original owner has not tried to claim it back for 12 years. 

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  • Sean
    12 years is only applicable to unregistered land. There are currently three routes available for claiming adverse possession - pre Land Registration Act 2002, HRA imposed common law rules from Beaumont and the current provisions under the LRA. For registered land (which is nearly all domestic dwellings) the claimant needs to be in possession for ten year then can claim, and the owner is then notified by the Land Registry. If they then fail to start possession proceedings within one year the paper title owners interest will be extinguished, and the claimant will be entitled to claim possessory title that can later be upgraded to absolute title.
  • Nicole Y.
    I love the way this has been reported completley differently in other news papers. Infact it has been reported that, rather than "invading" the property, the group observed the property for around six months then entered through an open window (which is within squatting rights as it is not a "breaking and entering" offence). The group have reconnected the utilities (and are paying them) and currently repairing the house (leaks, cracks, etc), which the owner, despite this being a listed property, failed to do. I applaud them fully. Maybe there would be less homeless people or people living in cramped conditions or even those who, despite having a full-time job, still cannot afford to buy a house or even a tiny flat, if some of the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of empty houses were taken over and put back into good use. Well done guys, keep up the good work!
  • open s.
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