Rave homeowner unable to name house Hardcore

smiley-face A man who owns his own house, has been blocked from registering it under a new name.

Daniel Lewis of Clapham in Bedfordshire, wanted to change his house name to ‘Hardcore Mansions’ but Bedford Borough Council – the SQUARES – have said no to this as it could be potentially offensive.

Mr Lewis sounds like quite the old raver, and reckons the name change stems from his nights out when this great land was a Rave Nation.

"Hardcore Mansions was [the name we used to call] our friend's house," he said. Before heading down what’s-left-of-his-memory lane.

He was at great lengths to point out that it has absolutely nothing to do with pornography.

"You have to apply to the council to get that done... [but] they refused on two separate occasions," he said. "They said it was inappropriate and could be offensive."

"I did write to them and outline there was a number of different meanings to hardcore but they just took it down the sexual route and told me I couldn't have it."

Which ironically, Mr Lewis sounded like he very much ‘had it’ back in simpler times.

In a bid to get some arse from the council all upset, Mr Lewis has now put up a neon sign depicting the name and said he has no plans to remove it. Maybe some switched on neighbours will ask if they can feel it. Or something.

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