Raunchy Ryanair Calendar Branded as Sexist

http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/9948/ryanbig9998407qt2.jpgForget delayed arrival stats and excess baggage charges.  The next time I book a flight, it's going to be on Ryanair.

If you think I've lost my mind, you clearly have missed their latest charity calendar photos and lost sense of your priorities and what's important in life...

Yeah ok. I've lost my mind.  But any airline with sexy stewardesses flight attendants willing to pose in skimpy outfits for homeless charities is alright in my book.  They also make flying the friendly skies a tad bit friendlier for sure.

But the Institute for Women in Spain disagrees.


As quoted in The Daily Mail, due to complaints, they are considering legal action and intends to complain to Irish and EU authorities that the publication is sexist as it only features female models:

'The company is attacking the dignity of women workers in general and especially of cabin crew members, by presenting stereotypical images of these professionals which they have spent years struggling against,' a spokesman added.

The calendar can be purchased for ten euros either directly from Ryanair flights or through the Ryanair website.  For the sake of the homeless, please get one, and send a spare copy to the Bitterwallet HQ.  (but whatever you do, please don't send us the calendar of members from the Institute for Women.  We don't need writer's block).

[Ryanair via Daily Mail]

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