Ralph Lauren destroy trainers after being sued by Converse

Remember us telling you that Converse were suing the entire world for ripping off their iconic Chuck Taylor trainers? Well, things are starting to take hold and Ralph Lauren are trashing an entire range.


Over 30 companies have been hit with legal threats and several major brands have been accused of copying Cons' famous canvas kicks and they're demanding that the infringing articles get pulled from shelves and stop being produced.

New Balance decided to play hard-ball and are counter-suing Converse, but Ralph Lauren have decided to give 36 different sneakers the boot.

Ralph Lauren's decision followed an out-of-court settlement with Converse, who just happen to be owned by Nike... and Nike have some very tasty lawyers indeed. Ralph Lauren agreed to destroy all of the "related molds, parts, tools, marketing, packaging and promotional materials" of the copycat trainers.

They also have to pay an undisclosed amount to Converse as part of the settlement.

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  • DrJogalog
    Good on Ralph Lauren. Vile looking shoes. Converse should do exactly the same and bin all the shit they've been selling for years too.

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