Rain Rain Go Away, My UFOCap Will Save The Day

This could be the garment of choice for British fashionistas this year if we have another traditional drenched summer. For obvious reasons it’s called the UFOCap and is made by the imposing-sounding Koroyo Industrial Co Ltd of South Korea.

If the Koroyo chiefs are to be believed, the UFOCap is already big in Japan and Mexico and it won’t be long before world domination is achieved. At least in the narrow field of ridiculous-looking waterproof headgear.

But enough from us – before you start scoffing, mocking and guffawing, let the Koroyo Industrial Co Ltd explain why it’s such a winner in their own words…


1.> EXECELLENCE ============;

UFOCAP doesn't have a handle. so you can keep it in a bag like an umbrella. especially this UFOCAP got a bronze medal in a special permission contest in KOREA. actually you can use this one like an umbrella. but it doesn't have a handle. so you will feel more comfortable. also, It's easy to carry this one like a raincoat.

2.> CONVENIENCE=============;

you can use two merits at the same time with this UFOCAP. one is from a raincoat. so both of your hands will be free. and you can keep it in a bag folding itthin. the other is from an umbrella. so you can have a roomy space like an umbrella. and it's easy to use it.

3.> VARIETY================;

you can use UFOCAP for climbing a mountain, fishing, working in the rain, cars, student, children, sightseeing and agriculture etc... so we can develop in a various model as your hope.

4.> A SPECIALITY============;

there is an elasticity band with looks like a round shape in a lower part. so you can enjoy pretty wide space in the UFOCAP, and your pants will not be wet. you can keep the UFOCAP with small after twisting it.

5.> Necessity================;

1.       this is small enough to keep in the bag.
2.       this is thin so it's comfortable to carry this.
3.       it takes just one second to up fold this.
4.       both of your hands will be free.
5.       you don't have to take off your shoes, very frequently..
6.       there's nothing obstructive to your eyes.
7.       you are not going to hurt another person's eyes.
8.       there are lots of kind of colors as your demand.

6.> Addition.

i) You can use the UFOCAP as gift item and advertise product. Therefore, we can put some logo or mark or colors as your hope.
ii) also, You can use it for cheering goods because we can put the color as your hope on play ground of Football, Baseballetc.



  • Craig
  • Mike H.
    Looks like a giant femidom...
  • Mike H.
    And it looks like the little Asian girl is removing pooch excrement from the base of her Converse.
  • Noghar
    What a load of cobblers about wearing it working or hillclimbing. You'd never be able to see your hands or feet while wearing it. Probably why that little girl stepped in dogshit in the first place.
  • Craig
    I suppose if you fell off the mountain you might just float gently back down.
  • Chris
    Nice idea, I can't wait to get my face soaked while I wear it! Should really have a cap at the front of it to keep the drips from running down your face. I can see it making a splash here.... Not.
  • Wolfy
    Surely these would be unhealthy, one strong gust of wind and you could be in orbit!
  • The B.
    Hold on now, imagine a bloke holding either side of the cap and one holding her feet up so that she's at a 30 degree angle to the horizontal. The bloke holding her feet now pushes her further into said structure, ducks and then releases, firing small child into the air, it could be the new midget throwing.
  • Ducky
    At least my pants wont get wet. :)
  • ismail
    why just wear a islamic scarf

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